Small Business Loans for Women

Operating a small business of any type requires a steady stream of financing in order to be successful. You have employees to pay, maintain inventories and other operating budget requirements, as well as keeping up with your creditors. If you are a woman operating a business for at least three months we have a loan program with amounts up to $50,000 that can get you the financial breathing room you need to grow your small business.

How it Works

Our small business loans for women is structured in a variety of ways and we work with you to determine the best funding option for your company. We make payment options that work for you and our main priority is that your business becomes more successful than before you acquired funding. The amount of the business loan is determined at the very beginning and the amount never changes. Whether you take six weeks, six months, or longer to pay off the loan the amount does not change. You will know exactly how much the small business loan will cost your company before any transaction takes place.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

Many women owned companies today have experienced financial setbacks due to the current economic situation and as a result some very good business women have seen their credit score decrease. You will most likely qualify  for our small  business loans for women option even if you have bad credit. Because our small business loans bad credit are based on your generated revenues we do not consider credit history as a major factor when approving an application. You have a good chance of qualifying if you are a woman who owns a business that is generating revenue.

How Do I Apply?

The process is simple, just fill out the small form on the side of the page and one of our business loans for women account managers will contact you to inform you of the possible loan amount available for your company. We can have an approval made shortly after you apply and then we will require three months of sales information and a one page application. We can have the funds transferred to your account shortly after you are approved.

If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help you. Call us at (888) 882-6117 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.