6 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask Or Answer

The interview process is certainly difficult. You only have around 30 minutes, give or take, to sit down with a person and see if they are someone you want to hire to work for you every single day for 40 hours a week. In some ways, you will end up spending more time with this person than you do your own family, and yet you only have a few short sessions to determine whether or not they are the right fit for your company. While it’s difficult to determine in a short interview, it is possible, so long as you ask the right questions. While you want to get to know someone, the last think you want to do is ask questions that are so personal, they become inappropriate. Here are 6 interview questions to avoid, and questions that if you ask, your interviewee should not be expected to answer.

How Old Are You?

You may be interested to find out how much life experience your potential employee is, but its better to find out by asking for examples of their work and projects, rather than asking how old they are. This is a great way to make someone feel uncomfortable, and to potentially be accused of ageism if you don’t end up hiring the individual.

What Is Your Race?

This is another question that is highly inappropriate for a lot of different reasons that should be obvious. Someone’s race should never become a question in an interview. Instead of asking about someone’s race; ask about his or her qualifications for the job.

Do You Have Any Children?

This may seem like an innocent “getting to know you question,” but it also may be construed as a “do you have time for this job, or is your family going to get in the way,” type of question, and that is none of your business. It also can seem like a sneaky way of asking whether or not someone is married. It’s better to simply find out this information as you become colleagues and friends.

How Much Do You Weigh?

Some jobs may require moderate to heavy amounts of physical labor, but asking how much someone weighs is not the way to find out whether or not physical labor is going to be an issue. Instead, ask them if they are comfortable lifting a certain amount of weight each day, walking certain distances, or whatever other physical activity the job requires. The top of weight is a no-no pretty much always, but especially in a job interview.

Do You Have Any Debt?

Again, this question isn’t related to job performance in any way, and although you may want to know how someone is with finances, personal questions about personal finances is not a good metric, and inappropriate to ask.

What Is Your Religion?

Religion is another topic that is off limits in a job interview. You may be a man or woman that believes in God, or may not be, but that should have no footing on whether or not you hire someone.

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