Best Pick-Up Lines for Networking Follow-Up

Let’s be honest—meeting new people is nerve-wracking enough without also having to try and sell them something. In some ways, selling someone something is not so different from asking them on a date: there’s same process of initial contact, and then a follow-up that seals the deal. Learning pick-up lines can help you in the dating world, but did you know they can also help you make sales? Here are a few of the best networking pick-up lines you can use to nail your follow-up.

  1. What’s new with you since we spoke? One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when following up with someone is not referencing the original conversation. If you met at a conference, for example, where he might have spoken to hundreds of people, it’s reasonable that he might not remember you, even if you had a memorable and meaningful discussion about how you could work together. Referencing back to the original conversation and asking what’s new will spark his memory and spark the conversation. It’s also important to show interest in what your potential client is doing, rather than just talking about yourself the whole time. You will be surprised at how well they open up to you when you ask them questions about their business and their happenings. 
  1. Tell me about… Instead of asking “What is that?” (which sounds aggressive and sometimes a little condescending), why not try “Tell me about [this thing related to your business.]” This almost always yields better results; first, because it’s far less confrontational and second, because it opens the conversation up for observations and discussion, rather than statements and conclusions. If there was something the individual mentioned in your first conversation that you think they would like to talk more about, using this line is a great way to reopen that conversation and get them talking about something you might be able to help them with.
  1. How can I help you reach your goals? You’ve probably already told your prospect about your services and how you can help people. The follow-up is your opportunity to make things personal and to ask how you can directly help that person and his business to reach the goals he’s always wanted to achieve. Framing your questions like this shows you are coming from a place of support, and that you are concerned about where their business is going and are willing to offer your help and support as a way to help them get where they want to go.

Interested in some really cheesy sales pick-up lines to never use on a prospect? Checkout this HubSpot article. I would also love to hear if you have any tips or tricks that work especially well in the business world. I am always interested in new ideas from the readers.

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