What Are The Best Platforms For Outsourcing Work?

Woman doing outsourced work.

Businesses outsourcing their work to contractors or freelancers is a growing trend. There are more qualified freelancers available to you than ever, but finding an independent contractor that you can rely on isn’t exactly easy.

Many business owners are afraid to hire freelancers because they feel like there is a greater chance of getting poor quality work than if they hire someone or assign a task to someone in-house. However, the truth is that there are many platforms you can use to outsource your work to a qualified individual or group of individuals. Here they are:

  1. oDesk – oDesk is and probably will long be one of the best outsourcing platforms online. It touts itself as being the “largest online workplace,” offering both hourly and fixed rates in a huge variety of tasks, ranging from data entry to content creation to customer support to programming, and more. 
  1. Elance – Like oDesk, Elance is a place to find a wide variety of tasks being performed by people all over the world. Elance considers itself to be of a higher tier than other outsourcing platforms, but that also means that they are usually more expensive. Because they run their outsourcers through a number of tests and evaluations before they are allowed to bid on large or important jobs, you’re more likely to find a professional on Elance than on other platforms that might require a bit more digging.
  1. Fiverr – Fiverr is relatively new in the outsourcing game and they are still getting their feet under them when it comes to managing the platform, but with everything starting at just $5, there’s probably no better place to start when looking for cheap outsourced labor of just about any variety. Beware—aside from the real professionals, there are also a number of people posing as professional who will deliver low quality work. Fiverr is great, but use caution and common sense when interacting with and choosing an outsourcer.
  1. PeoplePerHour – Another newer platform, PeoplePerHour is just finding its footing, but there are lots of people looking to perform tasks that you want to outsource, ranging from answering customer service calls to writing blogs to managing your social media presences. Instead of starting at a fixed price per task, you’ll find tasks at a specific price per hour.
  1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is chalk full of wonderful professionals including top-notch freelancers. You can easily browse through profiles and view full resumes in just minutes. Additionally, many freelancers will post links to their work and their professional websites. This way, you can browse through their work and see if it’s a good fit before you even contact them. Once you have decided if it’s a good fit, you can send them a message and see if they are looking for additional work. LinkedIn is a great option if you are trying to find a little side help for projects.



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