Bad Credit Business Loans: A Good Thing

  Per the Small Business Administration (SBA), nearly two-thirds of all small businesses apply for loans annually. What is discouraging, however, is that only slightly more than one quarter of these applications are successful. The number of approvals for those with bad credit is even worse, which should concern a business owner who needs capital […]

Does Having Bad Credit Make Me A Bad Person?

It seems there is a social stigma around having a bad credit score that often results in negativity directed towards the person with bad credit. For example, how many times have you heard someone utter words like ”Don’t marry him or her, because their credit score is a nightmare. You will have financial problems for […]

Thought You Knew All About Bad Credit? Think Again!

When you are a small business owner, you often hear the term “bad credit” and are warned to avoid this phenomenon like the plague. Fortunately for those who cannot avoid it, there are companies like Shield Funding that offer small business loans bad credit without impressive tax returns or lengthy credit checks. Regardless, the questions […]

3 Ways to Build Credit While Paying Down Loans 

As an owner of a small business, you understand that taking out small business loans is often unavoidable. To be successful, most businesses need money in order to make money. It is just part of running a business. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that applying for credit and paying down loans can actually help […]

How Do I Establish Credit?

Applying for credit can often seem like a Catch 22. If you typically get a credit card by having a solid credit history, how do you get a credit card if you’ve never had one before? While this may seem like a crazy puzzle, thankfully, there are some other ways to establish credit, and you […]

A Detailed Analysis of Bad Credit Business Loans and Alternative Lending

The small business lending industry has experienced a significant change over the last few years following the financial crisis. As banks began to shy away from providing commercial loans due to stricter lending requirements many alternative lenders stepped in to supply the growing demand. These privately held and nonbank lending companies, which are mainly online […]

Business Loans for Bad Credit: Available Options

Many small business owners today are looking for working capital to grow their business but they do not know what options are actually available. The first and most popular solution is to go to a local bank, however, with the tough lending requirements by banks today many small business owners are unable to qualify for […]

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