What Are The Best Platforms For Outsourcing Work?

Businesses outsourcing their work to contractors or freelancers is a growing trend. There are more qualified freelancers available to you than ever, but finding an independent contractor that you can rely on isn’t exactly easy. Many business owners are afraid to hire freelancers because they feel like there is a greater chance of getting poor […]


What Kind Of Company Culture Do You Have?

There is a strong link in between how happy your employees are and how profitable your business is. Happy people work harder, especially when the happiness stems from the fact that they like their company’s environment. How happy an employee is usually has a lot to do with that company’s culture. Take Saturday Night Live, […]


What Are The Most Relevant Business Languages?

If you are considering learning a new language to expand your business possibilities, you might be struggling to pick the right language. It’s true there are many different beautiful languages in the world, but how do you know which one is right for you? And, which new languages should business professionals be learning? Here’s a […]


Why You Need A Business Blog

Having a website for your business really is just half the battle when it comes to attracting new leads through the internet. If you want to make the most of your website, it is also important to have a business blog, and to post relevant and new content often. Here are some of the benefits […]

What Hockey And Business Have In Common

It’s intense. It’s competitive. It takes hard work, dedication, talent, and the game powerfully affects everyone involved. It’s the game of hockey. Right now the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Anaheim are battling it out for the 2015 Stanley Cup. As a business owner and entrepreneur, the only thing I can think about […]

What Role Does Yelp Play in Your Business?

By Yelp’s own estimation, their platform is designed not just for customers to leave reviews of their favorite businesses, but actually to act as a tool for business owners to improve and grown their businesses. With this in mind, it’s important to ask “what role does Yelp play in your business?” Here are just seven […]

Why to Avoid the More Is Better Mentality in Sales

When was the last time you thought about selling less? Most people in sales don’t think about how to reduce their sales, they think about how to increase them, to the point that they may become obsessed with finding more clients and customers. Why is this mentality harmful? Largely because it can lead to those […]

What Business Owners Can Learn From Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the biggest and best actors in Hollywood. You love him for movies like Independence Day, I Am Legend, and for sitcoms like Fresh Prince. The crazy thing about Will Smith is he didn’t happen upon Hollywood on accident. He got there through pure ambition and hard work. While Will Smith […]

Why Do Businesses Fail?

When you first start a business, you probably have visions of grandeur, and you should. You are undertaking a new and exciting adventure, and are about to follow your dreams! However, before you get lost in excitement, it’s important to do your research and know why most businesses fail within their first two years of […]

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