Top Reasons to Avoid Bank Business Loans

Top Reasons to Avoid Using a Bank for a Small Business Loan When most small business owners realize that it is time to get a small business loan, they might think that a bank or traditional lender is their only option. Even if they are aware of other options, such as alternative lenders, they might […]

How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option

How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option When it comes to finding a lender for a small business loan, you have a plethora of good lending options. The main two types of lending options for small business owners include traditional banks and alternative lenders. The type of lender you end up […]

How to Outsmart Banks and Get The Small Business Loan You Need

If you are a small business owner who has become frustrated by looking for a small business loan, the following scenario might sound familiar to you. You go to your bank, collect a large amount of necessary documents, apply for funding, and wait for weeks or months only to be rejected for bad credit. In […]

The Reason Banks Are Failing to Lend to Small Businesses

It’s no secret that within the last 7 years big banks are failing to loan money to small businesses. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the number of commercial and industrial loans dropped by 344,000 from 2007 to 2012, even though the number of these types of small businesses increased by […]

Banks Manipulate Small Business Lending Fund

It is no mystery that banks are in business to make a profit. With that said, it is important to recognize that banks have a certain level of responsibility to the public because of how they utilize government resources to fund their operations. Although the individual consumer is important in the overall banking community and […]

Larger Banks Losing Ground to Small Business Loan Providers

Traditional small business lending by the major banks is falling again. As these larger financial institutions continue to extend less credit small business owners are left to fend for themselves. Normally this would hurt the economy, however there are many lending institutions filling the gap. Private lending companies and smaller regional banks are bringing stability […]

Banks Continue to Fail Small Businesses

For local businesses, especially for smaller industries, obtaining a bank loan has been very difficult. Small businesses comprise a large portion of the business population. To put it in perspective, based on IRS records regarding businesses that filed taxes in 2003 (the most recent year with available statistics), of the almost 27, 486,000 total businesses, […]