Mobile Processing is Changing Business Loan Industry

Mobile credit card processors are helping small businesses get access to working capital. Many small businesses today cannot go to a bank for a business loan because of the strict financing requirements in place today. Normally, businesses not eligible for traditional business loans would also be excluded from a private lending market because they do […]

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Larger Banks Losing Ground to Small Business Loan Providers

Traditional small business lending by the major banks is falling again. As these larger financial institutions continue to extend less credit small business owners are left to fend for themselves. Normally this would hurt the economy, however there are many lending institutions filling the gap. Private lending companies and smaller regional banks are bringing stability […]

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Answering the Business Loan Conundrum

The economy continues to go through these tumultuous swings seeking a recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. A report came out this past Friday detailing the slowdown in hiring by U.S. employers and it sparked a sell-off in the stock market. Some reports suggest that job growth is slowing because small business owners are reluctant […]

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Banks Continue to Fail Small Businesses

For local businesses, especially for smaller industries, obtaining a bank loan has been very difficult. Small businesses comprise a large portion of the business population. To put it in perspective, based on IRS records regarding businesses that filed taxes in 2003 (the most recent year with available statistics), of the almost 27, 486,000 total businesses, […]

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Merchant Cash Advance: Saving Small Businesses

The credit gap still exists between small to medium sized businesses and banks. It is not just a bad economy that has banks tightening their lending practices. There are many reasons that a bank can refuse to give a company a business loan or line of credit; company owners can be refused for time in […]

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