How Technology Changed the Lending Industry

The online lending industry has been growing over the last couple of years at an incredible pace. Whether for business or personal, more loans are originated online than ever before. The industry was basically born out of the financial crisis. At the time banks were subjected to tougher regulations. To make matters worse for those […]

Technology Changes Business Loan Credit Requirements

Despite the fact that banking institutions continue to refuse businesses access to funding, numerous new private funding companies are willing to give good businesses the working capital they desire. Technological advances with data transfer and analysis, along with a constantly evolving internet has allowed private lenders to now offer a larger supply of business loans. […]

Mobile Processing is Changing Business Loan Industry

Mobile credit card processors are helping small businesses get access to working capital. Many small businesses today cannot go to a bank for a business loan because of the strict financing requirements in place today. Normally, businesses not eligible for traditional business loans would also be excluded from a private lending market because they do […]

Technological Influences on The Lending Industry

Technology and the Internet are changing the way lenders provide business loans today. It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted a business loan you would have to walk down to your local bank and talk with an account representative about securing financing for your business. The process would often require a lot of […]