Best Skills To Have When Starting A Business

Starting a successful business requires a special set of skills. If you want to open your own business but don’t yet possess the necessary skills, right now is the perfect time to start developing them (or to find someone you can pay to take over the tasks those skills would help with). Here are the […]

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The Danger Of Doing Everything Yourself As A Business Owner

When you first open up your business, your enthusiasm is high and you probably have not hired any or many other people to help with the routine and complicated tasks of your business. You learn a lot doing everything yourself, but you will probably also become extremely stressed out and tired. You may also lose […]

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What You Love And What You Hate About Owning A Business

Don’t lie—you have a love-hate relationship with your business. In fact, most entrepreneurs say that they hate just as many (if not more) things about owning a business as they love about that same thing. Luckily, in most cases of success, the weight of the hate is rarely heavier than the weight of the love. […]

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Business Etiquette Tips

Having proper business etiquette, whether you are the owner or an employee, can be essential to gaining and retaining customers or clients. Manners matter—it’s as simple as that. Following these tips will help you achieve and maintain a positive work atmosphere and make you look like a professional in front of prospects. Be prompt in […]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business

Do you remember pets.com? At the very least, you probably remember the talking dog-shaped sock puppet that was their spokesperson. That sock puppet was everywhere during the two years pets.com was in business. And then, just a few months after dropping millions on a Super Bowl ad, they were out of business. What happened? Pets.com […]

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Top 4 Qualities To Look For In A Business Partner

If you are planning on going into business with someone else—this is a great way to have someone just as driven and enthusiastic as you to pick up the slack or take care of things if you have to be out for a day or two—you don’t want to just jump into business with any […]

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