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Merchant Cash Advance Repayment Methods

Businesses looking to improve their cash flow can take will find it easy to do by applying for a merchant cash advance. This financial tool lets businesses with strong credit and debit card sales sell projected credit and debit card sales for immediate cash. It is a very good alternative to business loans. The best […]

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Answering the Business Loan Conundrum

The economy continues to go through these tumultuous swings seeking a recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. A report came out this past Friday detailing the slowdown in hiring by U.S. employers and it sparked a sell-off in the stock market. Some reports suggest that job growth is slowing because small business owners are reluctant […]

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Banks Continue to Fail Small Businesses

For local businesses, especially for smaller industries, obtaining a bank loan has been very difficult. Small businesses comprise a large portion of the business population. To put it in perspective, based on IRS records regarding businesses that filed taxes in 2003 (the most recent year with available statistics), of the almost 27, 486,000 total businesses, […]

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What a Merchant Cash Advance Will Cost Your Business

Merchant cash advance providers offer fast access to funds for small business owners, often at a 30 percent premium, in return for a portion of future sales until the advance plus premium are paid off. The industry carefully distinguishes this financial product from loans; thus, loan regulations do not apply. However, financial advisors generally suggest […]

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Small Business Owners Seek Alternative Financing

Most business owners who are struggling today could really use a business loan but have no idea where to get one. People hear all the time that millions of dollars in business financing is being offered by banks. For instance, Wells Fargo recently announced the approval of more than $548 million in SBA 7(a) loans. […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Versus Invoice Factoring

A merchant cash advance is a fantastic and relatively new financial product that is an extension of invoice factoring. The two products share many similarities but are very different in one important aspect. They both are similar in the idea of selling receivables to a business lender at a discount. Where they differ is that […]

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Removing Gender Bias in the Financial Lending Industry

Women have been discriminated against in the business loan industry for as far back as one can remember. There are many reasons gender bias exists even though it would technically be illegal under fair lending laws to deny business financing based on one’s gender. Many private lending companies have been taking the first step in […]

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Women in Business: A Dark Horse in the Coming Election

While more women in the work place are slowly making their way to the top, some women are deciding to follow a different path. As we move into the 21st century, more and more women are deciding to take their careers into their own hands by opening their own small businesses. This has become an […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Stimulate Job Growth

The economy continues to struggle and one of the main reasons for this is that banks continue to refuse small businesses access to capital. Small businesses in America are one of the biggest contributors to job growth; a small note inconspicuously pointed out by Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke. In a recent meeting […]

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Promoting Women Leadership in Business

Yesterday Business Leaders got together at Bentley University’s Center for Women to discuss the challenging task of advancing women in business. The Center hosts its annual forum where the overall theme is “Moving from Conversation to Action.” The core of the groups challenge is overcoming the disparity between men and women in leadership positions in […]

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