Does Bad Credit Signal Bad Business Management

Over the last two decades the statistics quantifying women owned companies has seen phenomenal growth. As more women get involved with operating their own businesses the more susceptible they become to the financial ups and downs that come with owning a company. Of course more and more women will realize success and all the accolades […]

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Cash Advances: Settling The Confusion

With all the different types of immediate cash loans available in the financial lending industry how do you know which one is right for you? The financial services industry utilizes a wide variety of terms that can be very confusing to a new borrower. Some commonly confused terms are a merchant or business cash advance, […]

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Expanding Your Restaurant With A Merchant Cash Advance

There is no better time than the present to expand your restaurant. The economy is puttering along and there are serious deals available on mortgages and rental space, equipment and machinery, even silverware can be had at a really good price. Contractors are willing to take less just to keep working. There are business financing […]

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Why a Merchant Cash Advance Works

With banks continuing to deny small businesses loans the need to access capital continues to grow. The merchant lending industry is taking advantage of this need for capital by supplying small businesses with cash advances. Commonly known as a merchant cash advance this transaction or advance is a lump sum payment based on an agreement […]

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European Downgrade Threats Stimulate Cash Advance Programs in U.S.

The recent Standard & Poor’s threat to downgrade up to 15 countries in the Eurozone has some merchant cash advance lenders in the U.S. preparing for a surge in funding requests. A recent article by the NY Times suggested, “American money market funds have been closing the spigot of money they lend to European banks, […]

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Merchant Cash Advance: Saving Small Businesses

The credit gap still exists between small to medium sized businesses and banks. It is not just a bad economy that has banks tightening their lending practices. There are many reasons that a bank can refuse to give a company a business loan or line of credit; company owners can be refused for time in […]

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