Business Loans Economic Data

Economic Data on Business Loans

The following websites feature important information about business loans given by the government and major banks, the first line in traditional financing. The links will help business owners get an accurate depiction of the public business loan industry and potentially impact the decisions they will make when applying for and receiving a business loan. Shield Funding is a leading provider of business loans in the private sector and a great option for business owners that cannot acquire traditional financing for their business.

Important Reports and Statistics on Business Loans

The Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices for January 2013 looks at data from 68 domestic banks and 22 U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks to highlights changes in the supply and demand for business loans. It also discusses current trends in the standards of lending to small businesses.

The Commercial and Industrial Business loans graph provides a detailed breakdown of different types of outstanding business loans existing with all Commercial Banks.

The Assets & Liabilities of Commercial Banks offers business owners a detailed and updated list of the assets and liabilities of commercial banks. It captures current trends in a variety of outstanding loans.

The SBA Weekly Lending Reports shows a report that is updated weekly by the Small Business Administration detailing the most recent changes in business loans given by the SBA.

The Paynet Small Business Lending Index is a report that gets data based on new loan originations and measures the volume of loans to small businesses utilizing Paynet’s proprietary database.

Important Economic Indicators Affecting Business Loan Decisions

The following websites feature important economic data that have can potentially impact small business owners and the decisions they will make when applying for and receiving a business loan.

The Beige Book discusses current banking and finance conditions on a national level. Here small business owners can learn about trends in business loan activity from the federal standpoint.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis or BEA is an agency under the Dept. of Commerce focusing on economics and statistics administration. This is another resource for economic data that both the Federal Reserve and the White House use to set policy.

The Small Business Owner Census is a survey by the Census Bureau of approximately 1.75 million Business Owners. This survey, completed every five years, captures valuable insight for business owners about other businesses.

The Small Business Spending Survey is economic data focused on where businesses are spending their money and it is provided by the Census in their Monthly & Annual Retail Trade Report.

The Department of Commerce Economic Reports is a website for the Dept. of commerce detailing a wide variety of reports on economic trends in the country. This website is a very large directory of economic data reports.

The Survey of Small Business Finances is a survey that captures data on companies with less than five hundred employees, data such as firm size and financial services utilized by these businesses. It also details important financial information about the company’s balance sheets.

The Small Business Economic Trends is a report that captures small business economic trends with quarterly surveys for about 40 years now. It highlights important economic data such as small business confidence in the economy, data that influences the financial decisions competing businesses will likely make.

The Unemployment Data is a report from the Dept. of Labor. highlighting the state of employment in this country, a critical tool to help make projections on the future economic output by businesses.

Business Analysis Tools

The following links help small business owners analyze data on their markets and the overall competition in the industry to help make better business financing decisions.

The Small Business Strategic Analysis Tools offers a variety of tools for small business entrepreneurs at any stage of the business growth process. These small business tools allow to you strategically build your business and to always be ahead of the competition.

The Sizeup. website offers small business owners high quality intelligence data that can give you a detailed look at your own business as well as the competition for a particular industry in a particular area.