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Category: Bad Credit Financing

Why Bad Credit Shouldn’t Slow Your Business

Business owners all across the country have seen their financial sources dry up. Local bank business loans have been on a continuous decline for years now, but the unwillingness to part with capital has moved well beyond the financial industry. Many friends and family members are feeling the squeeze and refusing to loan money to […]

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The Basics of Business Loans with Bad Credit

Business establishments often require the help of business loans offered by banks or private lenders. This is not an unusual situation and as a result most banks or lenders would fight over the best offer they can give just to attract business owners to borrow from them. However, just like any other business, these financial […]

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Understanding Bad Credit Business Loans

If you are looking to expand your business, you are likely to need a business loan to do so. In the same way that lenders look at the credit rating of an individual when lending money, so, too, do they examine the credit history, rating or score of a business. Because of the high rate […]

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