How to Create a Successful Blogging Strategy


One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your small business website is through blogging. If you work hard to apply a long-term blogging strategy, you will find that your blog can be a gold mine when it comes to bringing you business. However, it’s important to remember that blogging is not easy. Blogging requires a lot of time, attention, expertise, and strategy in order to really appeal to your target audience, and bring in the customers you need. Here are some tips to help you create a successful long term blogging strategy.

Select a Niche and Plan Your Topics

Your niche should be related to your business, or at least be related to something that is of interest to your target audience. Consider writing about topics where you hold particular expertise, because you will spend a lot of time researching and writing about your niche. Remember blogging will not necessarily be an overnight success. It takes months, and even sometimes years for a blog to grow. Keep this in mind as you plan your topics, and keep publishing. Publish regularly, even if you have a small audience on your blog at first.

Quality Over Quantity

Be original when writing content for your blog or it may end up getting penalized by Google, who penalizes for plagiarized material. There is no lack of quantity on internet, so when you give quality to the readers, you end up with a better readership. As for creating quality content, you either need to be an expert in your niche, or hire an expert to help you. The more you know, the more valuable your blog posts will be. Remember to use images that match the purpose of your post, and proofread your content before publishing.

Set Up a Subscription Form

In order to gain a long-term audience consider adding a subscription tool to your blog. You can build a subscription list using one of the many popular WordPress plugins. When you set up a subscription form on your blog, it allows your readers to stay current with your blog.

Communicate with Readers Often

One of the most important steps in creating a long term blogging strategy is to keep in touch with your readers. Reply to their comments, respond to their emails, and be polite while responding to negative feedback. Your readers will appreciate your prompt attention.

Sharing and Promoting

Sharing your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. is a great way to drive more traffic to your blog. You can also add sharing gadgets to your blog, so that readers can share what they like with their followers. This will increase the audience, thus increasing the chances of getting more customers.

Monitor Competition and Ask for Guest Posts

Always take a glance at what your competitors are doing. Take time to read their articles and get ideas in order to improve your blog. Also, consider having a place for guests to submit a post on your blog. If you get a blogger with a big readership to guest post on your blog, your chances of them sharing your content are high. This is always good for business.

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