Easy Marketing Hacks for Small Business Owners

5 Easy Marketing Hacks for Business Owners

marketing hacks for business ownersMarketing can seem like a daunting prospect to any small business owner. How can you compete with big businesses that have millions of dollars to pour into a marketing budget? Luckily, there are ways that you can compete, and without even expanding your marketing budget. You’re the best person to market your business, like this Business Advising blog says, because you know your business better than anyone else. While you are the best person to market your business, that doesn’t mean it comes naturally, or without any help at all. Here are just five easy marketing hacks to make your campaigns better as you continue the learning process.

  • Know how you excel. Are you great at customer service? Is your product or service higher quality than your competitors? Do you offer faster or more service than your competitors? Knowing what you’re really good at lets you know what you can build hype around in your marketing campaigns. If you’re not sure, ask you customers what they love about your business—they’ll tell you what you’re good at and what you can use as the centerpiece of your campaign. The more you understand your strengths, the easier it will be to market your company well.

  • Offer a friendly incentive. In an email that goes out to all of your loyal customers, offer a special or a discount as a “thank you” for being such great customers. Make a special offer just for those that follow you on Facebook or Twitter. Do a favor for the people that have already done you one by liking your page or making a purchase—it strengthens the bond between consumer and business, which is vital for small businesses.

  • Write a blog. It sounds complicated—we know. But, it doesn’t have to be. Because you started this business, you are an authority on it. You know all of the interesting tidbits about it. You have plenty of blog ammo, if you just take a moment and think about it. A blog is essential not just for driving consumers to your webpage (it improves your SEO), but also because it helps build your company profile. It will be filled with posts that embody your personality and your knowledge about your business. If you need help with your blog, simply outsource the writing to a professional. Regardless of how you approach your blog, just make sure you post consistently.

  • Stay social on social media. One of the biggest ways that businesses fail when social media marketing is marketing too much (yes, there is such a thing). Social media is just that, social. Your customers don’t want to see constant advertisements. Use your page to be social with your customers, to connect with them, not always to sell them something.

  • Know the basics. The Small Business Administration has a great blog where they post mound of information about the basics of small business advertising.

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