Education Center

Small Business Financial Education Center

The education center is meant to make business owners aware and educate them regarding all of the different business loan options available today and different ways they may improve their financial position in the business world. On this resource page you will find links to pages covering a wide variety of subjects including many of the alternative lending products available online today as well as different tools and resources to help you make better business financial decisions.

Shield Funding is a trusted and reputable lender and we want our clients to know about every option available for them even if it is a financial product or service that we do not offer. Additionally we want them to be better business owners so that any type of funding opportunity can only improve their company. If for some reason you cannot find information that you are looking for feel free to give us a call or email us at any time even if it is just to ask a question. We can be reached at or (888) 882-6117.

This page will be updated regularly so check back with us regularly.

Alternative Lending Products