Family & Investors are a Bad Business Loan Recipe

In today’s depressing economic times a number of businesses find it hard to survive. Running a business today is not only about facing competition, all competitors have to face an abysmal economy. This has single handedly left too many businesses with an overwhelming amount of debt. The economy has affected all businesses, including banks. That means small business owners have to find different ways to get funding for their company if they are going to survive the economic storms today. Many potential borrowers are going to family and friends, or taking on investors. These options often leave borrowers worse off than they were before borrowing money and a big reason why many potential borrowers today have opted for alternative lending companies.

Going to family and friends for money has several pitfalls. First, and most visible, is the negative effects money has on personal relationships. The entire dynamic of a personal relationship changes once money is added to the picture. The lender often expects special privileges after giving a loan or they have greater expectations because of initial misunderstandings. The problems only get worse when payments cannot be made on the debt. Traditional creditors do not come to your house looking for recourse on a loan. There are many different reasons not to borrow money from friends or family and this is just a glimpse into what may happen.

Taking money from an investor can often be much worse. It is not that they will come to your house when payments aren’t made, although they might, it is the lost percentage of ownership and profits that can be most damaging. It is easy to open the doors each day and fight for a business that you own, but when you have to fight and an investor just sits back and makes a lot of the money many business owners will lose interest and the company will fail. Many business owners will revert to the feeling that they can just start another business and get to keep one hundred percent of the company and profits.

Banks are not giving business loans because of the economy so many potential borrowers have been left with only one option, private business loans. The loan requirements for private lenders are generally more flexible than banks so even bad credit entrepreneurs meet the criteria to apply. Business owners will not be subject to extensive credit assessments so the application and financing process can also be much faster. Although this is often the only financing option available for many small business owners, it is beneficial because borrowers maintain their whole ownership stake in the company and they do not have to worry about tarnishing personal relationships.

These loans for business owners are available on the internet and easy to apply for. Most private lenders have websites with easy to complete applications. This will get the ball rolling and then a brief conversation and a couple of documents are all it takes to get a company funded today. The business loans do come at a premium, but if you think of retaining your ownership as well as maintaining your sanity this decision is really very easy.

With the rise of the private lenders there are numerous ways to apply and receive business funding. The right injection of capital can help a business greatly, and not involving family or investors is almost a requirement if an owner has any intentions of succeeding. A quick search on the internet and you will find a variety of reliable private lenders willing to give you additional capital.

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