How Can You Promote Team Work Amongst Your Employees?

As you are conducting job interviews, it’s fair to say you’ll probably ask the question “Do you work well as a team member?” While this is important to understand when hiring an employee, it’s also vital to remember that promoting efficient teamwork is largely up to you as a boss. Every task can get done quicker when you have a great team, but how do you make sure that everyone knows their role and works well together? Here is how to promote teamwork that will pay off in the end.

Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Role

Clearly defining everyone’s individual role is fundamental to effective teamwork. If you have someone who doesn’t really know what they are supposed to be doing, their job won’t get done. Additionally, if you have two people who think they are supposed to be doing the same thing, they will butt heads and it will result in an unnecessary power struggle. It’s as simple as that. The best way to handle this is to have a team meeting and lay out the responsibilities of each member together. That way, you won’t have any confusion when it comes down to getting things done. Remind everyone that they are like a football team—everyone plays different positions, but each position is integral to winning the game.

Make Your Team Members Feel Important

While you are conducting team meetings, go the extra mile to make your team members feel important. Let them know that the job can’t get done without the help of each and every one of them. Each of your employees should feel that they are individually relied upon to fulfill one part of the puzzle. Another great way to do this is to recognize each team member for his or her strengths as you continue to reach your goals.

Follow-Up Often

It’s difficult to know how you are progressing toward your team goals if you don’t follow-up with your team. It’s also hard to know where you are succeeding or falling short. In order to avoid this, schedule regular meetings where you talk about progress, problems, and ways to improve. It’s also important to encourage the members of your team to speak up with concerns and suggestions. They are the ones on the floor doing the dirty work, so their input is invaluable. Plus, it will make them feel more valued at work increasing productivity across the board.

Team-Building Activities

People that are friends, or that can at least relax together, are often better at working together. Every so often, it’s important to reward your team and let them hang out together. Whether it be by going out to lunch, going to a movie, going golfing, or doing something that everyone enjoys, it will help the camaraderie of your team. The more you can get your team to work together and be friends in different environments, the better they will work together at work.

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