How To Know If My Employees Are Happy

No matter how great of a product or service you are offering is, if you don’t have a happy staff to help you with your business, you will have a hard time being successful. One of the most important things you can do as a small business owner is to make sure your staff is happy. However, how do you really know if your staff is actually happy at work? Consider some of the following top signs that your employees are happy. If you don’t see these signs, then it is time to adjust how you handle your relationship with your employees at work.

Your Employees Smile

It may seem almost too simple, but employees that smile at work are typically happy at work. If you see your employees engaging positively with each other and with customers with smiles plastered on their faces, you shouldn’t be too worried. On the other hand, if you encounter a bunch of grumps, it might be time to pull your employees aside and ask them what is wrong.

They Are Friendly With Co-workers

Employees that engage with co-workers positively and build friendly relationships are happy at work. If you aren’t sure if co-workers are friends, try hosting a fun social gathering and then see who shows up and how they interact with each other. Co-workers with friends at work are much happier than those without friends.

They Go Above And Beyond

Anyone who isn’t happy at work will do the bare minimum to either meet expectations, or to simply not get fired. This is one of the biggest signs of, not a lazy employee, but an unhappy employee. On the other hand, if you notice your employees are showing up early, proactively solving problems, and doing more than they are asked, then that means they like their job. Remember to acknowledge and reward this type of behavior in order to breed more hard work among happy employees.

They Have Energy

When people are happy, they have energy. I mean, it’s one thing to drag a little bit in the morning, or during that 2:00-3:00 lull in the day. If your employees are dragging throughout the entire day every day, however, then it’s sign of unhappiness and possibly even depression. If you are looking for a happy employee, look for energy in the work place. If you notice a lack of energy, make sure to pull your employee aside and ask him or her how you can help them succeed at work. Sometimes a little pep talk is all they need in order to feel a sense of renewed energy. Other times, there will be a larger problem, but it’s important to address the problem, and get your employee happy again.

Above all, remember that the best way to find out if an employee is happy is to simply ask them. You’ll be surprised what you find out when you have a real relationship with your employees.

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