How to Nurture Your Business Baby

You might not believe it, but babies and new businesses have a lot in common. Both babies and business require a lot of time and energy, and you might find yourself sacrificing sleep and sanity for both of them. On the positive side, giving both the energy and attention they need can yield magnificent results. If you are starting a new business and are looking for ways to make it better, more effective, more streamlined, here are a few ways to nurture that new project.

  1. Put in the late nights. Like this Entrepreneur article states, growing a business takes time. You have to put in the time or you’ll never see the results. A baby that doesn’t get the attention it needs doesn’t grow up to be a functioning, well-adjusted child. In that same vein, a business that doesn’t get the attention it needs won’t perform for you in the long run. While it is a sacrifice, especially if you have a young family that you are also trying to nurture, putting in the late nights (and long days) can be of serious value.
  1. Worry about your business. If you’re not worried about your business and how it’s doing, you’re probably not pushing your business to be better. The reason our mothers always told us to “take a coat” (even in the middle of the summer) was because they wanted us to be safe—they worried about us, constantly, even if there was no reason to worry. When taking care of a new business, there is reason to worry. Keeping your business in your thoughts will help generate new ideas and solutions that you might not have thought of if you weren’t thinking about the biz. 
  1. Spend money. Raising a child costs about a quarter of a million dollars. Raising a business will probably cost that, if not more, depending on the industry and niche. Unlike a child however, a hearty business will pay you back for that investment. Don’t be stingy when it comes to things your business really needs. 
  1. Take care of it. You would probably do anything for that child—including asking friends, family, and professionals for help when you need it. Be willing to do the same for the business. Don’t be too proud to go looking for help and support when you need it—it could mean the difference between success and failure. 
  1. Don’t give up on it. Your new project will definitely present some new challenges, but don’t give up easily. Take the time to do the extra work required to watch your business grow, and you’ll soon see that your business is flourishing and healthy. 

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