How To Quit Your 9-5 Without Burning Any Bridges

Quitting your 9-5 job to start a new company can be a sensitive issue for everyone involved. After all, you have probably spent years at your current job building relationships, and growing professionally. The last thing you want to do is hurt any of those relationships you’ve spent so long building by going out the wrong way. Here are some of the best tips to help you quit your job without burning any bridges.

Give Notice

No matter how long you’ve worked at your current job, the company will have a hard time replacing you. It’s customary to give 2 weeks notice, but in some instances, this may not be enough. You and your boss should sit down and discuss how much time it will take to both hire and train a new employee to take your place. If it is longer than 2 weeks, consider staying on board for a little bit longer to help make the transition easier. However, if you have given 2 weeks notice, don’t feel obligated to stick around too long.

Tell Your Boss In Person

It really is true that hard discussions are best made in person. It shows a level of respect, professionalism, and care that can’t be matched in an e-mail, phone call, or text message. While you are telling them that it’s time for you to move on, make sure to express your gratitude, offer any insights that will be helpful in helping them grow their company, and then ask them if they need anything else from you. The best policy is to be honest, respectful, and direct. They will appreciate you for your professionalism.

Tell Your Boss First

One of the worst things that can happen is to mention your new project and your intentions to quit to your co-workers before your boss. Anyone who has worked at any office knows how fast gossip can spread. Not only will the story get larger than life, but your boss will also feel like you are not being professional. In order to avoid any problems, just sit down with your boss first, and ask him or her how they think it would be best to communicate your decision to leave to the rest of the team.

Handle The Counteroffer Professionally

If you have been a great employee, chances are your boss will either offer your more money, or the opportunity to work part-time from home. If this fits in with your goals, then that is great for you. If not, then don’t feel obligated to say yes, especially if you really don’t intend on staying. Thank them for their kindness and their consideration of you, and politely let them know that you have already settled on a decision.

If you follow these steps as you are getting ready to quit your job, the process will go smoothly, and you will maintain those important relationships.

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