How To Use Pinterest For Your Small Business


Pinterest is a great way to market a small business, especially one that sells products or visual services. Because of Pinterest’s high visual format, being able to produce great visuals (or find someone who you can pay to do it for you) will be integral to finding success on this social media, but it is definitely possible. And because Pinterest has recently launched new advertising features, this media is now easier than ever for small businesses to use to gain more traffic. Here are some of the top ways you can use Pinterest to help grow your business.

First, Determine if Pinterest is Right for Your Business

The majority of Pinterest users are women. The media is used broadly across all ethnicities, and is most popular with college graduates, in between the ages of 18 and 49. While it is a very popular media, many marketers describe the demographic of Pinterest as being made up of mostly young housewives and crafters. If this is audience suits your business, then Pinterest is the right market for you.

Start Thinking like a Content Creator

When thinking about how to market yourself on Pinterest, you shouldn’t be thinking about what types of advertisements to craft. You should be thinking about what kind of content you want to share with your audience. Users are on this media to find articles, inspiration, pictures, DIYs, and interesting quotes to collect onto their mood boards. They won’t collect an advertisement—but they will collect an interesting piece of content.

Get Involved in Pinterest

Spend some time on Pinterest to get to know its atmosphere and what types of pins succeed. Once you’ve gained a couple of followers, look at their boards to see what other things they are interested in that you might be able to create content about. Pinterest boards are a great way to see what someone is interested in or thinking about, so don’t squander this resource.

Categorize Yourself Effectively

While many people will look at the “Everything” stream, instead of at specific categories, you can help yourself find new followers and more directed traffic by putting your boards in the right categories. If you are struggling to find a category that fits, just pick the category that is closest to the theme of your post.

Determine How Often You Are Going to Post

Post too often and your follower’s home board will be filled with nothing but your name. This starts to look like spam and pushes down the pins from their family and friends. Post too infrequently and they’ll forget you exist. Strike a balance.

Do you use Pinterest for your business? How has Pinterest helped you with your business? Do you know of any particularly interesting Pinterest success stories? I would love to hear more from you in the comments of this post.


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