How to Use Video to Promote Your Business

According to a recent Tech Crunch survey, internet users watch more than 186 videos every month. Isn’t that incredible? While not all of those videos are made by companies to promote their businesses, a large chunk of them are made for the sole purpose of promoting business. Video is by far the most engaging way to connect with your audience and using video is one of the best ways to capture customers’ attention. Video is even more captivating than text or even photos this Entrepreneur article states. Interestingly enough, many companies still avoid this medium, because they do not believe video is right for their business. That’s simply not true. If you are looking for better results with content marketing, then it’s time to start using video. Here are four ways any business can use video for marketing purposes.

  1. Make a demonstration video. Even if your business provides services, not products, you probably have something that you can demonstrate in a video. These can often be filmed on a high-quality smartphone cameras and edited with the free video editing software that comes on both Macs and PCs. They are super easy to make and extremely popular, especially if you have a complicated product or an intricate service. Demos are a great way to visually explain in 1-2 minutes what it would take hundreds of words to explain. 
  1. Video testimonials. Videoing your customers or clients giving their testimonials is a great way to promote your business. It provides potential leads with the social proof that they need to trust you and is a great way to provide information in an engaging format.
  1. Make staff introduction videos. Consumers want to do business with companies that show their human side. Introducing the humans that work at your business, especially the ones that answer the phones, emails, or social media inquiries is a great way to engender trust and loyalty. You’ll look more legitimate when there are faces and voices attached to the names that your customers or clients are likely to deal with online or over the phone. 
  1. Create a “day in the life” video. If you produce a product, show that product’s progression from beginning to end. If you provide a service, give current and potential clients an inside look at how that service was developed or how it is implemented. Everyone likes to take a look behind the wizard’s curtain, and a video on your social media profile or even on your website is a great way to give your customers or clients a peek.

Now get out there and start using your Spielberg skills to promote your business! You certainly won’t regret it, and you will enjoy the benefit of increased business. Remember if you are not a videographer, you can always hire someone to help you.

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