Why Are The Smartest People Not The Richest?

bag of moneyAs we go through life, we are often told to pursue a higher education, increase our knowledge, and that brilliance is rewarded with money; however, that leaves many people wondering, “why are the smartest people not always the richest?”

Before I delve too deep, it’s important to note that there are plenty of brilliant people who have been extremely successful in the business world. However, the vast majority of the world’s smartest people are not often the richest. Here are some reasons why the smartest people are not always the richest in the business world.

They are architects, not builders

When I say the smartest people are architects, not builders, I don’t mean literally. I mean, they spend a majority of their time dreaming up brilliant plans, rather than building out their ideas. They may have the best ideas in the world, but if they don’t carry them out, it’s difficult for them to flourish in the business world. If you know you are an architect, make sure you hire some builders to help you build out your ideas.

They place too much emphasis on education and credentials 

Anyone who has spent time in the world of academics has undoubtedly met a handful of brilliant, yet not typically successful, people. Academics are a great way to increase your intelligence, and knowledge, but it’s not often the best place to make money. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The more education you pursue, and the more accreditations the university you attend has, the more debt you’ll end up in. Yes, people who take the long path in education end up with degrees and knowledge, but they also miss out on opportunities to grow wealth in the practical world.

What do you think about this idea?

They live in a world of complexity and perfectionism

If you’ve ever sat down and talked with one of the most brilliant people you know, you’ll probably notice a few patterns. First of all, they will definitely have a wide range of complex knowledge, and while what they talk about may be fascinating, it also may be hard to follow. Additionally, you may notice they are often perfectionists—meaning they focus on the details so much that it’s hard to get a product or an idea off the ground and rolling. While we definitely need these types of people to keep the world interesting, and moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be at the top of the crowd when it comes to raking in the dough in the business world.

These are just 3 reasons why the smartest people are not often the richest. For more information on this exact subject, consider reading this fascinating Quora feed that asks if the smartest people are also the richest too. This feed outlines some research on the topic.



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