Tips For Staying Healthy And Maintaining A Successful Business: You Can Do It All!


Stress is a major contributor to getting sick. If you are stressed, your immune system is depressed and less able to fight whatever nasty bug is going around. When you’re sick, it’s common to feel like doing nothing, but sitting at home and watching daytime television—but you have a business to run, so you become even more stressed and even sicker. Thankfully, there are ways to both stay healthy and maintain a successful business—it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Here are a few tips to keep your health and business in balance.

Schedule yourself some downtime. If it’s on your schedule, you have to do it, right? Be very strict with this downtime. Don’t let it be crowded out by work responsibilities. Even if you can only give yourself ten minutes a day, do it. Use this time to think about anything but work. Being well rounded can go a long way in your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Unplug from technology. These days, your smart phone is a mini-office you can carry around in your pocket. Even if you’re at lunch with friends, you can still be getting a constant stream of emails, text messages, or calls that you feel you have to answer. During your downtime, turn off your phone or put it somewhere you can’t see or hear it, at least for a little while. Out of sight, out of mind. Experts also recommend having a certain time of day set apart when you don’t look at the phone, the computer, or the television. This practice can help you stay balanced, and help you connect with other, and more meaningful, things.

Go for a walk/jog/run. No matter your fitness level, it’s important for your health to get out and do a little bit of exercise. Not only does this rev up your metabolism so you have more energy throughout the day, it also gives you a moment to clear your head. If you’re struggling with a problem or are feeling crowded by everything you have to do, getting outside and going for a walk can be extremely good for your mind and body (and business). If you don’t feel like exercising, give it just 5 minutes, and then re-evaluate. Chances are, after a quick warm-up, you will feel better and want to continue your exercise.

Cut back on time wasters. You know what these things are—personal social media, exhausting people, text messages, etc. When running a business, both for your personal sanity and for the health of your business, you need to cut back on people and activities that just waste your time. Instead of jumping to reply to an email every time one rolls in, wait and do them in batches. You can also block time-wasting websites so even when you get the craving for a mindless internet surf, you can’t access these sites.

Keeping your life in balance will result in better health and more focused time at work.

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