Top 3 Ways To Foster Customer Loyalty

With the global market place expanding every day, it is becoming more and more difficult to authentically connect with consumers. Consumers are constantly bombarded with e-mails, advertising, banners, and more, and, as a small business owner, it’s difficult to compete with large businesses with substantial advertising budgets. It’s also difficult to capture the attention of your target market amongst all the other advertisers who are vying for their attention as well. While it’s difficult to do this, it is certainly not impossible, especially if you have a plan. In order to truly connect with consumers and foster customer loyalty, here are some things you will want to consider as you turn those consumers into advocates for your brand.

1. Use a CRM 

It’s impossible to know each and every one of your customers, but it’s not impossible to gather and store customer information in an organized and an efficient manner.

With a CRM, you can store notes about customers, schedule meetings, and set up basic e-mail marketing. If you want your customers to know you care about them, then it’s important to keep information about them organized.

Additionally, a CRM can help you schedule calls and get back with your customers exactly when you say you will. This type of organized attention helps customers understand that you really do care about them enough to remember details about your conversations, and keep appointments. If you want loyal customers, make sure you have a quality CRM like this one, for example.

2. Collect Data

There is nothing quite as annoying to a consumer than irrelevant and repeat marketing material from bogus companies. To avoid coming across as one of these types of companies to consumers, take the time to gather data about your consumers, and use it to market smartly to your target audience.

There are several ways to collect data about your consumers, but one of the most popular and the most accurate ways to collect data is through using social login. When clients register with social login, they are knowingly giving you permission to access information that is on their social profiles. This way, your customer freely gives you information about them, and they know you will be using it to market to them. Make sure to pay attention to the data you collect first hand through social login, and draw up a marketing campaign that appeals to them.

3. Run Giveaways on Social Media

For whatever reason, people go crazy for free stuff, especially when it’s offered on social media. Some popular ways to capture customers is by running a contest or a promotion on Facebook, or Instagram. If you are trying to foster brand loyalty, then giveaway some of your products. This way, you are both promoting your brand, promoting your product, and gaining new followers in the meantime.

One great example of this is Activz on Instagram. They offer a wide range of awesome healthy products for people who are interested in clean eating and programs like Whole30, for example. They take every opportunity to capture new customers by hosting giveaways. Recently, they hosted both a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday Giveaway where they asked followers to follow their Instagram account and tag a friend in the comments. This spreads the word quickly and effectively about how awesome Activz is. Win.

There are several other ways to foster customer loyalty, but if you start with investing in a CRM, collecting consumer data, and hosting giveaways on social media, you’ll be well on your way to building a client base any small business owner would be happy to have.

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