Using Bad Credit Business Loans to Market Your Company

It is as good a time as ever to begin marketing your company brand, products or services. Large corporations continue to increase their marketing budgets as seen with the most recent Superbowl. According to Mr. Farhi at the Washington Post the average cost to companies for a thirty second commercial this year was about 4 million dollars. If we use these numbers as a barometer for advertising interest it is easy to surmise that smaller advertising markets are equally as robust and have a tremendous yield potential. Although most small business owners do not have the budgets or credit in place like larger corporations, bad credit business loans are now available to help small business owners fund their marketing campaigns.

Small business owners can now access additional working capital to boost their marketing budgets with a bad credit business loan. The single largest obstacle to acquiring these funds is that most small business owners are not even aware that they exist. In a recent study almost two thirds of business owners in a survey believed that the most likely option for acquiring a business loan was with a bank. The problem with this line of thinking is that most small business owners will not meet the rigorous lending requirements from a bank and out of the respondents in the study only about 1 in 4 found any success with a bank.

As an alternative to banks, usually after a series of rejections, most small business owners turn to other popular options and not bad credit business loans. For instance, in the study almost 50% of the business owners either applied for business or personal credit cards or sought out some type of personal loan. All of these alternatives are not likely to provide the type of capital needed to infuse capital into an advertising budget.

Looking at these statistics it easy to see how many small business owners are missing out on available business loans to increase their marketing budgets and subsequently the overall performance of their business. Bad credit business loans can be found online with a large variety of online lenders and the entire lending process can be completed from a computer without ever having to leave the office or business. Also, recent statistics from some firms have shown as much as a 90% approval rate for existing business owners that apply for funding with poor credit.

With the economy turning around and marketing as robust as ever, small business owners need to be proactive and acquire funding to launch a marketing initiative. Now that there are business loans for bad credit options available small business owners do not have to waste time being rejected from banks or spend unnecessary time seeking out credit cards or personal loans that will never likely provide enough capital to advertise a business. The time is now to go online and get the business loan you require and make your small business more successful than ever.

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