What Are Your Customers Thinking? And, How To Find Out!

The driving question on every entrepreneurs mind is often, or at least often should be, “what are my customers thinking?” After all, your customers are the people who are buying your products and keeping you in business. The more you concern yourself with what your customers want, the more likely you are to succeed. But, how do you actually find out what your customers truly want? Here are some of the top suggestions to find out what your customers are thinking.

Participate In Data Collection

One of the best ways, if not the best way, to find out what your customers are thinking, and what they truly want, is to collect data. There are several ways to collect data. One of the most popular ways to collect data today is by analyzing consumer activity on your website. As you track consumer activity, you learn what parts of your website and blog are appealing most to your customers. Then, you can make educated choices about what direction to take your business. It’s amazing how data can so positively influence your marketing and business choices. When in doubt, invest in some data collection software.

Another way to collect data is to send out a survey. This will help you gather specific data about questions you have. You can tailor your survey to get answers to questions that are particularly puzzling to you. Most times customers will answer surveys on their own, but if they need a little prodding, feel free to offer a discount or a prize for participating in the survey. The information you gather will be well worth it.

Ask Them Face-To-Face, Or On The Phone

If you are really wondering what your customers are thinking there is no shame in simply asking them. You can either ask them when they come into your store, or if you run an online business, consider calling them. You can either ask for volunteers or find your most loyal 3-5 customers, and then give them a call. If you are comfortable with your clients, take them out to dinner and ask them questions in a relaxed and friendly environment. Most people, especially loyal customers, will be willing to give you the feedback you need in order to improve.

Ask For And Elicit Reviews From Customers

Another superb way to find out what customers think about your products and services is to ask them to review your company’s products and services. They can do this on Google+, Yelp, and/or Amazon, depending on where you conduct business. Not only do reviews work as a positive way for you to find out what customers think about your products and services, but it also incentivizes others to patronize your business (provided the reviews are positive). Asking for reviews truly is one of the best ways to gather data, and to find out how you are doing.

If you aren’t participating in any of these activities, take some time this week and start. You’ll be amazed at what you learn from your customers.

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