When Does The Race For Success End?

It seems in both business and life, you can feel that enough is never actually enough. It sounds funny, but how many times have you found yourself achieving a goal, and then almost immediately wanting more? Even after achieving success, it’s common to think if you only had more money, more credentials, more recognition, etc., you would be happier. Then, when you finally get the thing you desire (money/credentials/recognition/etc.), you start to feel empty again, and the process begins all over again.

I’m not trying to get philosophical, but it seems to me that fulfillment in life often lies more in race towards success, rather than actually achieving your ultimate goal. Here are some common ways to feel fulfilled and add meaning to your life as you continue to race for success in the business world.

Work Hard, But Stay Balanced

One of the best ways to feel fulfillment in your career and in your life is to give it all you’ve got, but also to maintain a balance. This means when you are at work, make sure you aren’t just going through the motions to get through the day and gather a paycheck, but that you are working intentionally towards growing your business and growing personally. That way, you will feel that you’ve done all you can do throughout the day to progress forward. Then, once you have finished your workday, leave work at work. Once you are home, go spend time with your family, exercise, and practice your hobbies. It’s amazing what kind of happiness you can feel when you have other goals in life than to simply get ahead.

Use Your Time Wisely To Create Free Time

Again, it’s not all about working more to achieve more recognition, get more money, and be the best. Sometimes the best goals are to work hard and work smart, so that you can free up your time to do what you really enjoy. One of the best ways to experience success is to find ways to optimize your time, automate your tasks, and have your money make money, so that you can enjoy a more flexible schedule, rather than more time in the office.

Clearly Define Your Goals And Embrace Mindfulness

Another way to experience happiness as you grow your business is to have a clear definition of what success means to you, and then work mindfully to achieve that goal. If you understand why something is important to you, know what drives you, and understand what you really want in life, you will actually feel happy, rather than empty, when you achieve your goals.

In order to achieve this mindfulness, take time out of your busy schedule for self-reflection and mediation. It will help keep you on track.

Love And Accept Yourself

Finally, it’s important to give yourself a high five every once in a while and recognize your accomplishments, even if they are small. You are doing a great job, and you deserve to celebrate and enjoy the small things.

Next time you feel like enough is not enough, take some time to ponder these 4 things, and re-center yourself.

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