Why Women Are Better In Business Than Men

Only a few decades ago, it was uncommon to hear of women dominating in the work place, let alone to hear of a woman running the show as the head hancho. However, recent studies show that when it comes to business, women are rising to the top in many different areas. Of course, it would be a logical fallacy to say that all women are better in business than men, or the other way around, but statistically, there are some areas where women make sounder and wiser decisions than men in business. Here are just some of them.

Women Often Make Better Bosses For These Reasons

According to Business Insider, only 62 years ago, a Gallup poll suggested that only 5% of US adults preferred to work for a woman. Only 5%! That’s crazy, but not unbelievable considering the state of the workplace back then. In the most recent Gallup poll, conducted in 2012, asking the same question, the results were quite different. 33% said they preferred to work for a man, 20% preferred to work for a woman and 46% had no preference.

Women bosses are becoming more and more popular, and, according to Gallup, here is why:

  • Female managers are better at engaging their employees then men
  • Women leaders tend to be more engaged than men, which results in higher performance results
  • People feel that women encourage employees in their professional development
  • Women are more willing to give praise to employees

While women are leading just slightly in these areas, these areas prove to be huge when it comes to boosting overall performance of an employee—which is exactly what an employer wants a manager to be able to accomplish.

When it comes to being the boss, it seems women are taking over the ranks of popularity. 

Women Are Better With Managing Money

Another reason you may want to consider a woman over a man for a job is because, typically, according to Fortune magazine, women are better with money than men—another quality that can’t be beat when you are trying to grow a business, manage finances, and save at every corner.

According to the article, women save more than men; women are more successful investors than men, and women show less erratic behavior when it comes to investing than men. Over time, this can mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company.

Again, while the differences in the approach to saving and investing money are very slight, when you add up the difference, it results in women saving and earning thousands of dollars more over the years. These are qualities that simply can’t be beat when running a business.

What Do You Think?

As a small business owner, what has your experience been with male managers versus female managers? Would you answer similarly in the Gallup poll, or would you have different insight to offer? Perhaps there is additional insight that you would offer on this topic.

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