Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide Continue to Rise

In the 2011 Global Report of the Global Entrepreneur Monitor, more than 160 million women launched and operated their own businesses. This is almost half of the estimated 400 million entrepreneurs that have started businesses worldwide. Interestingly only eight out of 54 countries have showed equal participation rates between men and women entrepreneurs. These countries are Panama, Venezuela, Jamaica, Guatemala, Brazil, Thailand, Switzerland, and Singapore.

The rise of women entrepreneurs continue to provide an engine for growth and more importantly constitute a major driver in the rising economies such as Brazil, India and China. The situation augurs well for large corporations like Dell to provide a venue for women to meet and discuss directions for their enterprises. For the third year in a row, Dell Corporation has sponsored the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference. This June 2012 the conference was held in New Delhi, India. Previously, the DWEN conferences were held in Shanghai, China and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) event spotlights female entrepreneurial success and creates an atmosphere where women can connect with one another, share best practices, build business opportunities and recognize female influence in business and technology.

Dell president and chief commercial officer Steve Felice said, “If you think about the impact of entrepreneurs on the global economy, they need support, especially in the areas of access to capital and networks.” He further added that, “with DWEN, Dell is trying to do something about that.”

With India as one of the fastest growing economies today, it was a natural choice for the conference. “Dell has a huge presence in India. We know the country well. We also know small businesses are going global and want access to new markets to create new revenue streams,” Felice said.

In this year’s DWEN conference, a host of areas of interest were lined up for the participants with particular emphasis on the opportunities for entrepreneurs in a growing economy like India.

As an economy grows faster there are opportunities for a rising middle class. This situation opens up more opportunities for potential entrepreneurs with new ideas and innovation. As more women start their own businesses, new services can be developed for the working mother who has a family to take care of as well.

With so many entrepreneurs contributing to economic growth, the need for venture capital as well as financing to support through business loans for women these enterprises will likewise continue to rise. There will be a need to support the financial needs of these enterprises in order to sustain its growth. As with most business, financial support and access to financing will be a key factor to success.

Lastly, a market for skills training will be on the rise. There will be areas for training as more enterprises expand and create more employment opportunities. The emphasis will be on management and leadership skills as enterprises become more sophisticated.

At the end of the day, the needs of women entrepreneurs will most like be on new innovative services, financing to sustain growth, and management training.

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