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Nov 15, 2023

Shield Funding really protects and supports their clients throughout the funding process.

I recently was funded by Shield Funding. Mr. Dan Zuberman was my agent and he did everything in his power to make the deal go through. He was also polite and persistent about addressing any concerns I had. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking funding for their business.

August 22, 2023

Funds for Expansion

I had the opportunity to speak to many people while looking for a loan to expand my practice. Isaac is by far one of the best at getting me a reasonable deal to help me with my needs. I would definitely recommend Elixir and Isaac!

Jan 4, 2024

I appreciate everything Jo Marks and the team at Shield Funding have done for me.

I appreciate everything Jo Marks and Shield Funding did to help us get a line of credit. The process was simple and quick and Jo helped us every step of the way.

Nov 9, 2023

The process was very fast and efficient, exceeding my expectations.

The process was very fast and my sales rep, Sal Salamone, was very easy to work with. I hate talking about finances and money with anyone and Sal made me feel very comfortable. He speaks in laymen’s terms and fully explains the contract before signing. He also encouraged me to ask questions and offered a ton of options to make sure my company was getting what we needed.

Nov 17, 2023

Seamless and painless experience

I had the pleasure of working with Joseph Green. He reached out in matter of minutes after I submitted my application. He took the time to explain the different options available to us for our business. We were approved and funded within a few days. I highly recommend Joseph and Shield Funding for your business’s financial need. We thank you and appreciate you.

February 05, 2024

Dan is the man!

I definitely recommend Dan Z. and his team for anyone in search of business capital. Dan contacted me directly and laid out the entire process so there would be no surprises. Got the funds I needed the next day.

Feb 10, 2023

Had some unexpected financial challenges, but Shield Funding provided the support and solutions I needed to overcome them.

I had the opportunity to speak to many people while looking for a loan to expand my practice. Isaac is by far one of the best at getting me a reasonable deal to help me with my needs. I would definitely recommend Elixir and Isaac!

The hectic lifestyle of the masses leaves them with less time to physically visit a financial institution to get their loans approved. This has created several opportunities in the market for same day funders.

Online lending is very much part of the new norma...Entrepreneurs appreciate the speed, the 24/7 nature of lending opportunities.

Online lending platforms can make it easier for small businesses to obtain financing, and they serve a key need in a market that has long struggled to get the attention of traditional banks.

Customer Success Stories

Discover the challenges and solutions experienced by our customers.

Expanding Payroll

Molly P., owner of a software firm in healthcare tech, needed funds to launch their product. A business loan allowed them to expand their team and market effectively, launching ahead of competitors and securing a major contract. The business loan was quickly repaid, and this move established them as industry leaders.

Restaurant Expansion

Giovanni S., owner of Gio’s Bistro, a family-owned Italian restaurant, secured a business loan to open a second location. The expansion doubled their capacity and attracted more patrons, significantly boosting revenue. The business loan investment paid off, enhancing their brand in the region and significantly increasing revenue and cash flow.

Retail E-commerce Transformation

Jason S., a Trendy Boutique owner, was facing sales growth challenges. He used a business loan to develop an online storefront and expand inventory. The move to e-commerce increased sales and revitalized the business, allowing them to quickly repay the business funding and achieve measurable growth.

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