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The Practice of Business Loan Stacking

Loan Stacking, What it is and If It’s a Good Idea for You There will come a time in your small business’s life cycle when you will need to borrow. Whether it is to expand, to take advantage of a new business opportunity, or to develop a new product, it is rare that existing cash […]

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What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Business Loan Back

What happens if I do not Repay a Business Loan? Despite their best intentions, small business owners may find themselves facing the possibility of defaulting on a small business loan. Unexpected catastrophes such as a flooded kitchen, or delayed inventory shipments, could impact your business negatively and leave you unable to make payments. A dissatisfied […]

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Top Small Business Loans for Women in 2019

The Best Small Business Loans for Women in 2019 Did you know that women own more than 11.3 million businesses in the United States, and that those businesses account for 1.6 trillion in revenue? Women represent an important segment of the U.S. economy, and yet, according to a report by the U.S. Senate, it’s still […]

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Lending Industry News

Top Reasons to Avoid Bank Business Loans

Top Reasons to Avoid Using a Bank for a Small Business Loan When most small business owners realize that it is time to get a small business loan, they might think that a bank or traditional lender is their only option. Even if they are aware of other options, such as alternative lenders, they might […]

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How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option

How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option When it comes to finding a lender for a small business loan, you have a plethora of good lending options. The main two types of lending options for small business owners include traditional banks and alternative lenders. The type of lender you end up […]

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How Technology Changed the Lending Industry

The online lending industry has been growing over the last couple of years at an incredible pace. Whether for business or personal, more loans are originated online than ever before. The industry was basically born out of the financial crisis. At the time banks were subjected to tougher regulations. To make matters worse for those […]

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Tips and More

Paying Off Business Loan Debt Faster

Tips for Paying Off Business Loan Debt Faster There are many advantages to paying off a small business loan faster than your repayment schedule. Accelerating your repayment period will save you interest in the long run. Paying down the loan could improve your credit score if your debt ratio is too high. It can also […]

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Tips to Secure Bad Credit Business Loans

Tips for Acquiring Bad Credit Business Loans Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding; it can also be one of the biggest challenges a person can experience in their lifetime. This is especially true for those who suffer from poor credit. A low credit score can make many parts of life difficult, including obtaining […]

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Business Financing Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Financial Management Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know Few business owners went into business on their own because they are excellent bookkeepers or accountants. You might have had a passion for good food, fun clothing, or developing products to simplify people’s lives. But you will have to learn some financial skills if your business […]

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