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Small Business Loans for Women Infographic

Small Business Loans for Women Infographic Women continue to experience growth in the business world in a wide variety of industries. There are almost 1300 new female owned businesses added everyday and this economic data continue to change on a daily basis. As more and more women owned companies the demand for working capital to […]

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The Most Common Small Business Loans Requirements

Common Small Business Loan Requirements If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who is ready to take your business to the next level, it may be time to look into acquiring small business loans. After all, to make money, you need money. Fortunately today’s financing landscape features several options when it comes to […]

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Small Business Loans for Minorities

The Complete Guide to Business Loans, Grants, Rewards, and Resources for Minorities As of the most recent US Census data report, there were 8.0 million minority-owned firms nationally, and reported receipts from those minority-owned firms totaled $1.4 trillion in 2012. This represented a 34.7 percent growth rate in only 5 years. With 28.8 U.S. firms […]

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Lending Industry News

How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option

How to Choose a Lender When Banks are Not an Option When it comes to finding a lender for a small business loan, you have a plethora of good lending options. The main two types of lending options for small business owners include traditional banks and alternative lenders. The type of lender you end up […]

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How Technology Changed the Lending Industry

Business Loan Application Process

The online lending industry has been growing over the last couple of years at an incredible pace. Whether for business or personal, more loans are originated online than ever before. The industry was basically born out of the financial crisis. At the time banks were subjected to tougher regulations. To make matters worse for those […]

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How to Outsmart Banks and Get The Small Business Loan You Need

If you are a small business owner who has become frustrated by looking for a small business loan, the following scenario might sound familiar to you. You go to your bank, collect a large amount of necessary documents, apply for funding, and wait for weeks or months only to be rejected for bad credit. In […]

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Tips and More

Don’t Make Your Business Loans Personal

Small business owners often compensate their work at their company in the form of a salary as well as using the company’s cash flow to pay for additional expenses in their everyday lives. This might include cars or transportation, cell phones and other technology, as well as a variety of other expenses. In fact, many […]

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Is The Trade Deficit Affecting Small Business?

Is the growing trade gap in the United States hurting American companies? It is a well known fact that the United States continues to have alarming trade deficits with many different countries. At the top of the list impacting the U.S. deficit is China. In 2015 the U.S. trade deficit with China hit approximately 337 […]

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The Basics of Motivating and Inspiring Employees

One of the biggest roadblocks to work productivity is low morale among your employees. When your employees are simply coming to work just to get a paycheck, rather than to accomplish the greater good, you can expect the bare minimum in terms of work ethic from your employees. When your employees are motivated and inspired […]

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