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Category: Growth and Expansion

How to Build Business Credit

Business credit is built over time, but if you haven’t started building it yet – now is the time. Your business credit profile impacts everything from the rates you’ll pay for insurance to the interest you’ll pay on a loan. It can help you negotiate better terms from vendors, giving you room to manage cash […]

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10 Tips to Reliably Predict Cash Flow

Building accurate cash flow projections can feel like one part skill and one part luck. And yes, orders, inventory, staffing levels, and other key areas of your business depend upon projected sales.  Cash flow is the flow of money in and out of your business. Small business owners need to balance the flow in with […]

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Why Fast Loans Make a Difference

No matter how much attention you pay to your budget, cash flow projections, and how closely you monitor actual results, life as a small business owner is unpredictable. There are times when your best efforts weren’t enough, or an opportunity arises you couldn’t have predicted, and you could need money in a hurry.  Fast business […]

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11 Tips for Managing Inventory

If you own a manufacturing company, retail store, or restaurant, you’ve probably encountered a few inventory management headaches over the years. A customer is angry because you’re out of steak. You lose a long-time client because you can’t fill a rush order. Your employee doesn’t know if you have a size 10 dress in stock.Inventory […]

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Adopting Digital to Grow Your Business

Integrating Online Options to Maintain or Even Grow Your Business Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, businesses have had to get creative about how to maintain or grow their revenue base. States have instituted shelter-in-place or social distancing orders, and many brick and mortar companies have been completely shut down. If you are a small […]

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The United States Of Business

The economy of the United States of America is complicated and a common worry of every American citizen. After all, you want to be able to make the most out of your career, and make the most money as possible. You may find the data in this infographic interesting as you explore the criteria that […]

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