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How to Read Your Business Loan Agreement

Understanding Your Business Loan Agreement You have been approved for a small business loan – congratulations! But do you understand it? Your business loan agreement contains all of the information on the contract formed between the business owner and the lender. While not always the easiest set of documents to understand, business owners who want […]

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Private Business Loans Assist Women Business Owners

Private Business Loans for Women Women start more new businesses than men and account for over 36% of all companies in the United States. They are becoming entrepreneurs at higher rates than men and generating better returns. However, they can still struggle to find the capital they need to get their businesses off the ground […]

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Calculating Your Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Can you make your Payments on a Business Loan? You know that you need a business loan, but can you afford one? Small business owners take out loans for a variety of reasons, from wanting to expand to needing help managing cash flow. Sometimes the reason is urgent, and without the capital your business could […]

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Closing the Gender Lending Gap Through Alternative Lending

Closing the Gender Lending Gap Women continue to increase their participation in the business world. Everyday female entrepreneurs launch new businesses and many of them continue to thrive. Many of these early stage companies require additional working capital to fund their continued growth. Unfortunately most of these women entrepreneurs or business owners are realizing how […]

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How to Get a Bank Business Loan

How to Get Bank Business Loans You can get business loans from many different lenders. But most business owners go to the places they’re familiar with: banks. Getting a business bank loan is different from getting other types of loans. They’re harder to get. There’s often more paperwork and more waiting. It can be a […]

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Small Business Loans for Veterans

Small Business Loans for Veterans Veterans have all the tools they need to find success as small business owners. Discipline, focus, and the ability to set and achieve a goal. Did you know that the Play it Again Sports franchise was started by an Army veteran? Other businesses started by veterans include a tutoring service, […]

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Alternative Business Loans Assist Small Businesses

Alternative Business Loans Help Businesses Grow The reputation of the alternative lending industry is suffering due to the proliferation of exposés using isolated incidents as circumstantial evidence aiming to delegitimize the industry as a whole. It is imperative to address this hot button issue. Why? Because lone wolf incidents aside, alternative lending is the backbone […]

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Grocery Stores are Better for Community with Business Funding

Local Grocery Stores Better with Business Funding The term “food deserts” has become popular in recent years, as studies have shown that many families lack access to healthy fruits and vegetables within their neighborhoods. Poorer neighborhoods, particularly those in urban areas whose demographics are primarily minority racial groups, are particularly lacking in fresh and healthy […]

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Paying Off Business Loan Debt Faster

Tips for Paying Off Business Loan Debt Faster There are many advantages to paying off a small business loan faster than your repayment schedule. Accelerating your repayment period will save you interest in the long run. Paying down the loan could improve your credit score if your debt ratio is too high. It can also […]

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The Practice of Business Loan Stacking

Loan Stacking, What it is and If It’s a Good Idea for You There will come a time in your small business’s life cycle when you will need to borrow. Whether it is to expand, to take advantage of a new business opportunity, or to develop a new product, it is rare that existing cash […]

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