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Category: Credit Tools and Tips

Think Twice About Using Credit Cards to Finance Your Business

Why you Should Think Twice About Using Credit Cards to Finance your Business Business credit cards help small business owners stay afloat. In one survey, 31% of small business owners said they had used their card to meet capital needs in the last year. The market for small business credit cards is $500 billion, and […]

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Why APR on Business Loans Does Not Matter

Why Your Business Loan APR Does Not Always Matter Small business owners who need to borrow capital often look at the interest rate first when making a lending decision. The interest rate a lender charges represents what you will pay to borrow the funds. In effect, it is the price tag on your loan. If […]

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Calculating Your Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Can you make your Payments on a Business Loan? You know that you need a business loan, but can you afford one? Small business owners take out loans for a variety of reasons, from wanting to expand to needing help managing cash flow. Sometimes the reason is urgent, and without the capital your business could […]

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Hard Credit and Soft Credit Pulls: What You Need to Know

Hard Pull vs. Soft Pull: How They Affect Your Credit If you’re a small business owner thinking about applying for a loan, you know the importance of a good personal credit score. You might have already applied for a traditional loan and been denied on the basis of your credit score. While you can work […]

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What Is The Difference Between Personal And Business Credit?

When you start a new business, even if you have great personal credit, it can be surprising to learn that it’s sometimes difficult to get business loans right off the bat. The reason for this is because personal credit and business credit are different. Though the process of building personal credit and business credit are […]

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Does Having Bad Credit Make Me A Bad Person?

It seems there is a social stigma around having a bad credit score that often results in negativity directed towards the person with bad credit. For example, how many times have you heard someone utter words like ”Don’t marry him or her, because their credit score is a nightmare. You will have financial problems for […]

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Learn All About Bad Credit

Understanding Bad Credit (Infographic) When you are a small business owner, you often hear the term “bad credit” and are warned to avoid this phenomenon like the plague. Fortunately for those who cannot avoid it, there are companies like Shield Funding that offer small business loans bad credit without impressive tax returns or lengthy credit […]

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3 Ways to Build Credit While Paying Down Loans 

As an owner of a small business, you understand that taking out small business loans is often unavoidable. To be successful, most businesses need money in order to make money. It is just part of running a business. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that applying for credit and paying down loans can actually help […]

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Can a Bad Credit Business Loan Help Improve My Credit in the Long Term?

Improve Your Credit History With Business Loans It’s true that a high number on your credit report takes years and years to build and acquire, and also that a few simple mistakes can leave you with poor credit in just what seems like an instant. When you have made a few financial mistakes that leave […]

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Getting Business Credit with Bad Credit

The business loan industry has been going through exceptional changes since the financial collapse of 2008. Banks are slowly losing ground in the business loan industry. The reason for these changes stems from the banking industries unwillingness to provide business loans for local businesses. It makes sense how banks would be reluctant to provide credit […]

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