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Top Business Resources for Women Veteran Owned Businesses

Top Business Resources for Women Veteran-Owned Businesses Veterans own 2.52 million businesses in the United States, primarily in the finance, insurance, transportation, and warehousing industries. Women own 15.2% of those businesses, but organizations and lenders are working to increase that percentage. Women’s Veteran’s Alliance has created an online directory of businesses owned by female veterans, […]

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Private Business Loans Assist Women Business Owners

Private Business Loans for Women Women start more new businesses than men and account for over 36% of all companies in the United States. They are becoming entrepreneurs at higher rates than men and generating better returns. However, they can still struggle to find the capital they need to get their businesses off the ground […]

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Closing the Gender Lending Gap Through Alternative Lending

Closing the Gender Lending Gap Women continue to increase their participation in the business world. Everyday female entrepreneurs launch new businesses and many of them continue to thrive. Many of these early stage companies require additional working capital to fund their continued growth. Unfortunately most of these women entrepreneurs or business owners are realizing how […]

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Top Small Business Loans for Women in 2019

[gap size=”30px” id=”” class=”” style=””] The Best Small Business Loans for Women in 2019 [gap size=”30px” id=”” class=”” style=””] Did you know that women own more than 11.3 million businesses in the United States, and that those businesses account for 1.6 trillion in revenue? Women represent an important segment of the U.S. economy, and yet, […]

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Small Business Loans for Women in Detail

Small Business Loans for Women (Infographic) Women continue to experience growth in the business world in a wide variety of industries. There are almost 1300 new female owned businesses added everyday and this economic data continues to change on a daily basis. As more and more women owned companies enter the business space the demand […]

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Small Business Loans for Minorities

Small Business Loans for Minorities Access to capital can make or break a small business when it’s first starting out. Even well-established businesses need help time to time with small business loans or capital to grow their business.  Historically speaking, it has been harder for minorities to access capital. This gap has been narrowing, however, […]

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Every Entrepreneur Should Aspire To Be Like These 11 Women

[one_full] No matter what your current situation is with your business, you will most certainly be inspired by the success of these 11 women. These 11 women teach us all that nothing can get in your way when you are determined, hard-working, and willing to go the extra mile. This infographic was brought to […]

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Why Women Are Better In Business Than Men

Only a few decades ago, it was uncommon to hear of women dominating in the work place, let alone to hear of a woman running the show as the head hancho. However, recent studies show that when it comes to business, women are rising to the top in many different areas. Of course, it would […]

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Are Women Better Businessmen Than Men?

Recently, I was talking with a girlfriend of mine, who happens to be a very successful financial planner. The industry she works in is mostly made up of men, and aggressive salesmen at that. At a recent business meeting, in passing, a colleague said to her “there is a lot of sexism in the industry. […]

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American Women Rising in Business

[one_full] Women’s business ownership is growing, and women are taking more of a role in leading and developing businesses throughout the United States. Here at Shield Funding we are dedicated to assisting women grow their businesses, providing the necessary funding to help the expansion and development of their businesses. We have thus organized and […]

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