How it Works

Step1: Applying for our Business Loans is Easy

Business Loan ApplicationTo apply please fill out the apply form or call our toll free number and we can begin the application process shortly after. To be eligible you need an actual business operating for 4 months and have bank receipts, OR accept credit cards as a form of payment. A minimum of $5,000 per month in gross revenues is required for companies that accept credit cards, and approximately $20,000 monthly for those that do not. We DO NOT require you to switch your processing company. To complete the process and get you a business loan we require your most recent credit card and/or bank statements, and a one page application. The entire process can be completed rather quickly and then we can provide you with a business cash advance or unsecured business loans of up to $500k+.

Step 2: Receiving Your Business Loan

Business LoansOnce we establish the exact amount and type of your business loan, as well as the repayment time period, we can then set the payback amount. Before our business loans are processed you will know the exact amount to pay back and the amount of time you have to pay it. However, the good thing is WE WILL NOT charge you any additional money if it takes you longer to pay your business loan. There are no hidden fees or restrictions on how you use the money. Our programs have helped small to medium-sized businesses fund expansion, marketing, payroll, equipment purchases, supply orders, taxes, inventory purchases, seasonal merchandise, restructuring, and emergency situations.

Step 3. The Pay Back Process

Business Loan PaymentsPaying back our business loans is simple. No matter what the length of the business loan is, you still pay back the same amount. There are 2 ways to pay off the business cash advance option. If you choose to switch credit card processors we simply set up the account so a small percentage of the generated sales is allotted to go towards your business loan payments. The second option is if you choose not to switch processors we set up a lockbox with your processor and the small percentage of the generated sales is deposited towards paying off the advance. If you don’t process credit cards we have unsecured business loans such as ACH loans or other small business loans where the payments are deducted through your bank account very similar to direct deposit. The most important note is that we have various types of funding programs and are very flexible in the pay back process,


Step 4: The Business Cash Advance or Unsecured Business Loan is Paid

Business Cash AdvanceOnce the business financing is paid back you return to receiving the full amount of your sales revenue. The only difference is now your business has progressed and you experience the benefits of your investment. You also have the option to grow your business even more by renewing your business loan and the process is even easier. As long as your financial status has not changed you can simply contact our company either by phone or email and we can renew your funding, likely even receive more because of the established relationship. We take pride in providing our clients easy access to working capital in order to see their businesses develop into successful industry leaders.