Small Business Loans Video Library

Shield Funding wants you to understand in great depth all the different business loan options available for your growing business. Whether you have a business in the early stages and you are just trying to maintain your regular business operations or you are in the process of expanding your business after years of operating, financial information will make you a better informed borrower. We will continue to add videos that explore the different aspects of business financing so that our clients can make educated financial decisions regarding the health and growth of their business.

Small Business Loans Bad Credit

If you own your own business you can get approved for small business loans even if you have poor credit. Learn how easy it is to get approved for business funding with bad credit.

Short Term Business Loans

Looking for a small business loan for your business and you do not want the payment plan drawn out it for a long period of time? Learn how to get a short term business loan in a matter of minutes.

Unsecured Business Loans

Don’t have access to collateral but need working capital for your existing business. See how easy it is to go online and get an unsecured business loan even if you have bad credit.