ACH Business Loans

Application for an ACH Loan

Shield Funding has been a leader in the financial lending industry and in order to maintain our leadership we have decided to expand our lending capacity. We are now adding a new funding program for small business owners that do not generate revenue using credit card processing. Traditionally we provided merchants with immediate access to capital through our merchant cash advance loan. Today we have decided to increase our ability to fund merchants and small business owners through our ACH business lending program.

Through our original lending program merchants would obtain a business cash advance and make payments on the advance via their credit card processor. Now with our ACH business loan small business owners can make payments via their banking institution. A set and agreed upon amount is determined at the inception of the advance and these funds are paid on business days until the advance is paid back. This means that small business owners do not need to process credit cards in order to receive a business cash advance and those that do process credit cards no longer have to switch processors in order to receive business financing.

Bad Credit ACH Loans

We also offer our ACH lending option for small business owners struggling with poor credit. Through our business loan bad credit option you can receive an ACH business loan to help manage short term business expenses and this funding solution does not require you to switch processing companies. This program has an extremely high approval rate so no matter how low credit score is we encourage you to apply.

Not only does this program increase our ability to fund small businesses, but it also allows our clients to maintain their working relationships with credit card vendors that they may have been in business with for years. We are excited to increase our ability to finance small business operations and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (888) 882-6117 or Apply Online Now!