Private Business Loans

Private Business LoansAre you a small business owner looking for a business loan but have been unsuccessful because you have recently been denied from a bank or you don’t believe you will qualify with a lender? More and more business owners are facing this issue because the majority of traditional financing institutions are only providing larger corporations with funding. For several years now the smaller companies have been stuck with very few opportunities to access capital but that has recently begun to change now that private business loans are becoming more readily available. This alternative to traditional financing is a great option for small business owners looking for additional capital because it offers several advantages and the approval process is extremely flexible.

Private business loans are shaping the way small business owners receive money for their business today. The flexible approval process and our ability to get you a business loan fast is what makes this funding program so successful. Also contributing to that success is the ability to manage the entire application process over the internet or phone making it extremely convenient for small business owners that do not have the ability to leave their business.

Shield Funding, a pioneer in the private business loan industry, is completely revamping the way small business owners get approved for a business loan. The main factor that separates private business loans at Shield Funding from bank loans is that the former approves a small business for funding whereas a bank approves the individual. By approving the business it means that the current financial strength of a business is used to determine an approval amount and the credit report of an individual is factored in much less when determining the eligibility of an application.

In order to get approved for private business loans you really only need a company that has generated revenues over the last six months. You do not need great credit because the business cash flow helps support the funded amount. There is no need for personal guarantees or tax returns either because credit plays such a minor role in getting approved. The flexibility in the private business loan application process also cuts the funding time dramatically.

Traditional financing options can take weeks or months to get approved. This can result in lost opportunities or damage that is irreversible to a business. Private business loans on the other hand can be approved and funded within the same week of an application, a feature that contributes to the attractiveness of this alternative financing option. A small business owner can make quicker decisions at critical business junctions opening up unlimited profit opportunities that are only available because of the speed in which private business loans can be funded.

Shield Funding is proud to be a leading provider of private business loans. It is our goal to help more small businesses have access to additional capital. If you have been denied a loan from a bank or just do not meet the standards of traditional financing our funding programs are an excellent alternative. If you have any questions about the program please give us a call or begin the application process by applying online today.