Business Line
of Credit


Estimated Business Loan Term

6 to 36 Months


9% to 42%*

Time in Business Required

1 Year

Min Credit Score Require


Min Monthly Deposits Required

4 to 7

Min Monthly Revenues


Min Business Loan Amount


Max Business Loan Amount


Max Number of Negative Days

2 Within a Month

*Rates depend on the duration of funding

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What are Private Business Loans?

Shield Funding offers private business loans for individuals that currently own and operate their own business. Private business loan amounts range from twenty five thousand up to 1 million dollars and they do not require collateral. These business loans require a minimum credit score of 650 and an overall good credit history. If you are a business owner with a poor credit history then you may want to see if bad credit business loans or merchant cash advances are right for you. Private business loans can be funded as fast as 1 to 3 days and offer some of the most competitive rates and terms so the underlying business of the application should also feature healthy revenue and bank statements. This is a good option for business owners that are looking for private business funding that has a fast turnaround and is outside of traditional loans. At Shield Funding you will work directly with us so you do not have to worry about dozens of lenders inundating you with phone calls and mailers on a daily basis once you submit a simple online form. What is even better is that we can process your application, get an approval, and you can receive the funds in your bank account in as fast as 2 to 3 days. There are also no restrictions on how you utilize the business funding.

Cash Flow Issues

There are many small businesses that have customers that only pay a portion of a product or service’s cost upfront and take the rest on credit. During the early stages of growth in a business it is easy to take on a lot of customers in an attempt to build a client base. This type of strategy puts the initial burden of the debt on the business owners. Having a line of credit allows an owner the flexibility to take the funds that they need based on how customers pay their debts to the business.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is one of the most difficult tasks for any business owner. Whether you should buy more or less for a particular product at any given time is almost impossible to guess exactly so the most common action is to purchase more inventory than needed. The last thing you want as a business owner is a customer willing to make a purchase without the product for that customer. The purchase of additional inventory of one product can leave the inventory of another product short. Having a credit line allows owners the flexibility to purchase inventory when needed.

Payroll Expenses

Just like inventory, it can often be difficult to gauge what a weekly payroll will be. Having a credit line available takes all the worry out of paying employees. Any time you have a big payroll week you can access additional capital and just repay it in the later weeks when cash flow increases.

Operating Expenses

When operating a business there are myriad expenses that can arise and for most early stage business owners it is impossible to be prepared for every cost. Knowing that there is a financial cushion for any unforeseen costs allows business owners to operate their business more efficiently and with confidence, factors critical for success.

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What Do I Need to Qualify?

Below is a list of the requirements to get approved for business funding with our most basic program.

  • At Least 3 Months in Business
  • 530 Min. Credit Score
  • $10,000 Min. Monthly Revenue
  • How Do I Apply?

    Applying has never been easier. You can either call our toll free number 24 hours 7 days a week at


    Submit your online application by clicking apply below and entering a few basic details about your business.

    What Will a Private Business Loan Cost You?

    The cost of our private business loans depends on the factor rate and length of time you receive the loan. An example of a typical private loan package would be to receive $30,000 for 12 months at a factor rate of 1.15. That would make the additional cost above the loan amount $4,500, so your total pay back amount would be $34,500. Your payment amounts would vary depending on whether you have daily or weekly payments. Use the calculator below to give you an example of total cost scenarios for borrowing and the payments you can expect to make on a daily or weekly basis.

    How Much Do I Qualify For?

    Private business loan amounts depend on your monthly revenues and business bank deposits. Approval amounts for private business loans can range as high as 100 percent or more of your typical monthly deposits. As an example, if your business currently has monthly gross deposits of $50,000 your likely approval amount would be approximately 50k or more.  

    Common Factors That Impact Your Private Loan Application

    Credit history is an important factor for this type of loan because it offers very competitive rates and terms. However, it is not the only factor impacting your eligibility. We also look at time in business, business banking information, monthly cash flow, and various other important business factors.  

    How Does Paying Back The Private Business Loan Work?

    Once you receive funding via bank deposit you can expect daily or weekly debits from your business’ bank account for an agreed upon amount over the course of the payback period. If you receive a daily option debits are calculated on a 5 day business week schedule that does not include holidays. If you qualify for the weekly option then you will have a one time weekly debit for the agreed upon amount throughout the course of the payback period.

    What Documents are Needed to Apply?

    Documents Required for Less Than $100,000

    • Drivers License
    • Bank Statements
    • Proof of Ownership
    • Property Lease Agreement
    • Business Licenses
    • Voided Check

    Additional Documents for Loans More Than $100,000

    • Personal Tax Returns
    • Business Tax Returns
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Business Debt Schedule (possible)
    • Potential for Others

    Get a Private Business Loan for your Business

    Are Private Business Loans Right For You?

    Private business loans are a great funding option if you require cash for your existing business and you do not qualify for traditional business loans or do not have the time to wait through the lengthy bank loan process but you do require competitive rates. Although private business funding can be more expensive than traditional financing, the ease and speed at which you can receive funding can make it a very attractive alternative.

    Advantages vs. Disadvantages


    • Great Alternative to Bank Financing
    • Only 1 Year in Business Required
    • Less Documentation Than Bank Loans
    • Competitive Rates and Terms
    • Quick Funding Turnaround


    • More Expensive Than Traditional Loans
    • Tougher Credit Requirements
    • Higher Revenue Requirements
    • Minimum Amount of Bank Deposits
    • Time Operating Requirements

    Common Uses for Private Business Loans

    Private business financing allows owners the flexibility to access large amounts of capital in a short amount of time. It also offers very competitive rates and terms. Below you will see some examples of how small business owners are utilizing private business funding.

    Immediate Business Opportunity

    There are many small business owners that are presented with opportunities that require fast business loans in a short amount of time, but they also have to be competitively priced for the deal to make sense. One example of this is buying out an existing partner or investor. Sometimes a partner may need to relocate or retire, or they just want to move on to a different venture. An investor may need to liquidate their investment. This can be a great time to acquire private funding as it will allow you to increase your stake and improve your revenue stream.

    Reducing High Cost Debt

    Many business owners carry expensive debt from the early stages of opening the business. Over time the cost of the debt does not decrease even though the company’s financial strength has increased. As long as the cost of the funding is less than the cost of the debt this type of strategy can result in immediate gains.

    Inventory Advantage

    Many small businesses can immediately improve their margins dramatically by making bulk purchases. This type of strategic investment in your company can only make sense with a business loan that features competitive rates and a reasonable amount of time to pay the loan back. Private business loans are great for this because you do not have to take on an additional partner, and the increase in margins and immediate revenue make it easier to pay the loan back.

    Business Expansion

    A private business loan can make expanding your business achievable. The fast funding turnaround along with the lack of restrictions on how you use the money allow business owners the ability to grow their company.

    Private Business Loans FAQ’s

    Although this type of funding requires a little more paperwork, the entire process can still be completed within 2 to 3 days.

    This type of business financing requires better credit history so if you have poor credit we have a bad credit business loan option that can work for you.

    There are no restrictions on how you utilize your private business loan.

    It may be possible, each application is looked at on a case by case basis. Speak with your representative for more details.

    Private business loans are not from large institutional banks, they are from private investment funds.

    This can depend on various factors but it is definitely a possibility. Speak with your representative.

    [toggle title=”How much time in business do I need to qualify?”]
    A minimum of one year in business is required.

    No. We take pride in the privacy we offer our clients, we never sell your information to anyone.

    Why Choose Shield Funding

    • No Collateral Required on Private Business Loans
    • Competitive Rates & Terms
    • Flexible Repayment Options
    • No Hidden Costs
    • Bad Credit Private Business Loans
    • Funds Deposited Fast

    Don’t just take our
    word for it…

    Nov 15, 2023

    Shield Funding really protects and supports their clients throughout the funding process.

    I recently was funded by Shield Funding. Mr. Dan Zuberman was my agent and he did everything in his power to make the deal go through. He was also polite and persistent about addressing any concerns I had. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking funding for their business.

    August 22, 2023

    Funds for Expansion

    I had the opportunity to speak to many people while looking for a loan to expand my practice. Isaac is by far one of the best at getting me a reasonable deal to help me with my needs. I would definitely recommend Elixir and Isaac!

    Jan 4, 2024

    I appreciate everything Jo Marks and the team at Shield Funding have done for me.

    I appreciate everything Jo Marks and Shield Funding did to help us get a line of credit. The process was simple and quick and Jo helped us every step of the way.

    Nov 9, 2023

    The process was very fast and efficient, exceeding my expectations.

    The process was very fast and my sales rep, Sal Salamone, was very easy to work with. I hate talking about finances and money with anyone and Sal made me feel very comfortable. He speaks in laymen’s terms and fully explains the contract before signing. He also encouraged me to ask questions and offered a ton of options to make sure my company was getting what we needed.

    Nov 17, 2023

    Seamless and painless experience

    I had the pleasure of working with Joseph Green. He reached out in matter of minutes after I submitted my application. He took the time to explain the different options available to us for our business. We were approved and funded within a few days. I highly recommend Joseph and Shield Funding for your business’s financial need. We thank you and appreciate you.

    February 05, 2024

    Dan is the man!

    I definitely recommend Dan Z. and his team for anyone in search of business capital. Dan contacted me directly and laid out the entire process so there would be no surprises. Got the funds I needed the next day.

    Feb 10, 2023

    Had some unexpected financial challenges, but Shield Funding provided the support and solutions I needed to overcome them.

    I had the opportunity to speak to many people while looking for a loan to expand my practice. Isaac is by far one of the best at getting me a reasonable deal to help me with my needs. I would definitely recommend Elixir and Isaac!

    Private Business Loans Review

    • Competitive Rates & Terms
    • Good Credit Required
    • Flexible Payment Options
    • Quick Funding Turnaround
    • Capitalize on Business Opportunities
    • Great for Expanding Businesses


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