Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

merchant cash advance
A merchant cash advance with Shield Funding is a great financing solution for your small business. It is a low document alternative business funding solution compared to other types of business loans. This type of business funding is based on future sales and a lump sum of those funds is advanced to you. Funding can also be provided for individuals with bad credit and the funds have no restrictions on its uses. The most important factor to qualify is to have a business with revenues. We also DO NOT require you to switch your processing company. Start the application process with our apply form to learn the amount of financing available for your company.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance, also known as a business cash advance, is basically an agreement by a borrower to sell a percentage of future sales receivables at a slight discount for an up-front bulk cash payment. Most lenders require that you accept credit cards and the agreed upon percentage is deducted automatically from each future sale. This can be very advantageous for borrowers because there isn’t a monthly bulk payment. If the business experiences a slow cycle then the amount being repaid on the advance at the time also decreases. This removes the stress involved with having to make payments during slow business cycles. Also, all the payments are completed electronically so there is very little effort required with the payback process as there is with standard invoices mailed or checks written.

Cash Advances Without Credit Card Processing

Being a leader in the business financing industry we also feature merchant cash advances for companies that do not process credit cards. The process is very similar to the above mentioned, however, instead of receiving the payments via the credit card processor we establish a program where a portion of the revenues are deposited. It is very convenient for business owners who receive the bulk of their revenues through different payment methods. We will continue to develop innovative funding solutions to ensure that our clients always have access to working capital.

Have a Merchant Cash Advance Already

Many of our clients come to us after having a merchant cash advance out with another company. Some reasons why they have come are: the rates or payments for their merchant cash advance were too high; the funding amount wasn’t enough or they required additional funding; there were just too many add-on fees and they didn’t want to overpay for their next advance; or they were just not happy with the level of service. Shield Funding can pay off your existing advance and get you into a better program that is less expensive, provides more funding, is not inundated with additional fees, and meets your expectations on every level. We are a trusted and respected leader in the financing industry and we offer very competitive rates without all the additional costs that many other firms charge. Give us a call or apply online for a free quote and see how we can make a difference for you with a high quality lending program.

Business Funding Uses

A merchant cash advance can be used for any of your business needs; there are no restrictions. Whether you are expanding your business, attempting to acquire new inventory, or just need funding to meet short term cash requirements; the advance can be allocated based on your judgment. Remain in front of your competition by securing financing at Shield Funding.

A Bad Credit Financial Solution

Many clients come to us looking for an alternative to traditional business loans because they have poor credit or they just don’t meet the basic credit requirements from a bank. Our merchant cash advance loan through our bad credit business loan program is great for small business owners with little or no credit because it is based off of credit card revenue and not credit history. If you have been denied a business loan because of bad credit or you fail to meet traditional financing credit requirements our merchant cash advance program can be a great alternative.

Why Use Shield Funding

Our main goal is to provide small businesses with fast and very flexible financing solutions. We are a trusted resource for business funding for almost a decade and our “A” rating for lending practices will attest to that. All you have to do to receive financing for your business is complete our online apply form and you can find out the amount of cash financing that is available for your company. We don’t require tax returns or great credit, and the complete application process is relatively fast compared to traditional banking applications. Some of our clients get approved and funded very quickly. Obtaining a small business loan of any size is so difficult in today’s economy that our flexible and relatively short application process makes applying for a merchant cash advance at Shield Funding a great solution.