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Business Loan Affiliate Program

Business Loan Affiliate Marketing Program

The Shield Funding Business Loan Affiliate Program allows members to earn commissions when they refer customers to our company through the phone or our website. The program is simple; if the client you refer completes our form and meets the qualifying parameters set out in the program and later gets funded, you earn money. We also understand that a phone call is difficult to track so we take every step that is possible to ensure that our affiliates receive their referral fees. We will give the benefit of the doubt to any member of our affiliate team if even the smallest possibility suggests that they may have referred a qualifying client who called our company.

Highest Paying Affiliate Program

We offer one of the highest payouts of any business loan affiliate program and we also incentivize our program with bonuses for higher producing team members. We also understand concerns about proper payout, and although phone calls are difficult to track, we try to get every call-in client that is qualified to fill out a form to help further document their origin if it is from a website. If you just test our program for a short period of time you will see the enormous profit potential for making money online. You have nothing to lose!

Business Loans & Merchant Cash Advance ISO Program

As a leader in the alternative financing industry Shield Funding also offers an ISO program for existing lenders that want to get their clients funded but have been unable to find a lender with extremely competitive rates and the ability to provide funding when other lenders deny their clients. We provide very competitive ISO commissions and because of our experience and established relationships in the industry we can get your clients the money they need for their business. Give us the opportunity to make you the commissions you deserve by reaching out to us and joining our ISO program.

Why Work With Shield Funding

Shield Funding believes that our affiliate partners are paramount to the success of our financial programs and for that reason we take every step to ensure that referred deals are paid. Our job is to get you paid and earn your trust and that is why we take the reputation of our affiliate program very seriously and are always just an email away if you have any questions or concerns. We will take every effort to help you meet your goals and even customize areas of tracking to help team members feel confident that they are paid what they deserve.

Become an Affiliate