Dental Practice Financing

Dental Practice Business Loans

Opening a dental practice involves a lot of initial expenses. There are often situations along the way that require short term business financing. If you have a practice and require physician loans we have the perfect solution. Our merchant cash advance program has funded many dentists and allowed them the freedom to grow their business uninterrupted. Many of our unsecured business loans have allowed practices to expand or acquire additional locations. With our easy to use online apply form you can begin the process of determining exactly how much financing is available for your practice.

Bad Credit Business Loans for Dentists and Dental Practices

Shield Funding’s dental practice loans cover business expansion expenses, bad credit business loans and cash advance programs. (Image: Public Domain)

Expanding Your Practice

Many dental offices are constantly packed and over booked because it is difficult to really know how many clients you will establish. Expanding your office to accommodate all of your clients can be a large initial cash outlay, one that can be overwhelming for many new dentists. There are construction costs, new equipment, additional employees, and many other expenses. We can definitely offer you business funding to expand your practice if you meet even the most basic requirements. We require at least three months in business and a track record of revenues for those months, whether they come in the form of insurance billing or credit cards, cash or check.

There are no application costs or extensive credit checks with our funding programs. Once you are approved you can easily determine how much financing is available for your practice and immediately put your expansion plans into action. Don’t delay your growth, apply online and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Financing Dental Equipment

If you are a Dentist and have a practice that requires new equipment we can provide you with the financing. It is inevitable that over time you will need to replace your cart delivery systems, dental chairs and tables, mobile x-ray units, and cuspidors just to name a few of the basic necessities. Even if your practice is fully stocked as technology develops at a rapid pace you will need to upgrade or potentially lose existing clients. We can provide you with a business cash advance or a business loan of up to $500,000 to purchase new equipment. Our easy to complete online apply form will start the process of determining the financing available to you.  Stay ahead of your competition by updating or adding to your equipment inventory.

Good & Bad Credit Financing Options

Depending on your credit status, you may be more inclined toward our bad credit business loans or unsecured business loans for borrowers with low credit scores. If your credit is stronger, consider our cash advance options and working capital.

Shield Funding is a trusted and reputable lender for a wide variety of physicians and medical practices. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms on all of our funding programs and we can tailor one that works with your dental practice. Feel free to call us at any time if you have any questions at (888) 882-6117.