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We’ve been working with all sorts of internet businesses for over a decade. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop with an online presence, a small online startup, or a sprawling ecommerce empire, Shield Funding can help you get the cash you need to run or grow your business.

In 2017, 96% of Americans shopped online. That was inconceivable only 20 years ago. It signals an important shift in the worldwide economy—websites and ecommerce businesses have become dominant players in the marketplace.

This opens up huge opportunities. Entrepreneurs and corporations alike are finding new niches, new ecommerce strategies, and new opportunities to exploit. But taking full advantage of those opportunities requires cash. For this reason we have a fast and easy funding process with a very high approval rate. Apply online to get started.

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What Do I Need to Qualify?

Below is a list of the requirements to get approved for business funding with our most basic program.

  • At Least 3 Months in Business
  • 530 Min. Credit Score
  • $10,000 Min. Monthly Revenue
  • How Do I Apply?

    Applying has never been easier. You can either call our toll free number 24 hours 7 days a week at


    Submit your online application by clicking apply below and entering a few basic details about your business.

    Types of Business Loan Available

    1. Small Business Loans

    Not sure exactly what you’ll spend your money on? Need help paying for a wide variety of things? A small business loan for your website or ecommerce company is a great solution. These term business loans can be used for anything related to your business.

    You can hire new staff, upgrade your platform, ship more products, expand your inventory, or do anything else that helps your business meet its potential. And with a fast turnaround time, these loans move as quickly as the online economy.

    We’ll help you out with up to $1,000,000 in online business financing. And you can qualify for interest rates as low as 5%. All you need is two months in business and $8,000 in monthly revenue to qualify for a loan with terms from 2–36 months.

    2. Business Line of Credit

    We know that online businesses move fast. Our business line of credit is a great way to get the loan you need for your website or ecommerce business—even if you’re not exactly sure what you need.

    Your line of credit will be up to $250,000, giving you access to the cash you need to respond to a quickly changing environment and new opportunities. And because you only pay interest on the money you use, you won’t be committing to paying a fortune. The fact that you can get an interest rate as low as 5% (significantly lower than a business credit card) helps, too.

    As long as you’ve been in business for six months, have a credit score of 650, and bring in $10,000 or more in monthly revenue, you can qualify for a business line of credit with Shield Funding.

    3. Bad Credit Business Loans

    One of the best things about ecommerce is that anyone can do it. All you need is a good idea and an audience. We think business loans should be the same way. So we don’t restrict them to people with great credit.

    As long as your credit score is 500 or above, you can qualify for a merchant cash advance. That’s significantly lower than the 600 or 640 you’ll need for a business loan from a bank.

    With two months in business and $8,000 in monthly revenue, you could get a loan of up to $1,000,000 with interest as low as 12%. Even with bad credit. Online business has limitless possibilities—and business funding should, too.

    4. Short-Term Business Loans

    Need a little cash to upgrade your servers or expand your product line? Maybe you just need some help getting through a rough patch. A short-term business loan is the perfect solution.

    Our short-term business loans have terms from 6–24 months and interest rates as low as 9%. These loans don’t cost you a fortune in interest, even if you take out the maximum amount of $1,000,000.

    You’ll need a full year in business, a credit score of 650, and $10,000 in monthly revenue to qualify. If you can provide those, we’ll help you with a short-term business loan to get your business on the right track.

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    Work with a direct lender and get a business loan as fast as the same day. Shield Funding offers competitive rates and terms on all it’s funding programs. Apply now with a trusted lender that has been helping business owners secure working capital for almost two decades.

    Financial Growth Tips for a Ecommerce Business

    Paying for a Selling Platform

    Some ecommerce businesses effectively rent space from other companies. Amazon and eBay are two popular options, for example. You’ll pay a percentage of your profits for the privilege of selling on these sites. You might also pay a monthly subscription and a startup fee.

    After a few years in business, those fees really add up. And if you don’t want to keep giving up part of your profits to a corporation, you’ll need your own selling platform. That means an ecommerce site.

    Unless you’re a talented developer, you’ll want to enlist help from a professional to create that site. How much does an ecommerce site cost? It varies widely, with estimates ranging from $5,000 to half a million dollars.

    Like with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to web development. Poor user experience will cut into your profits. And while there are some maintenance costs, website development is largely a one-time fee, so you’ll see the returns quickly.

    A small business loan or business line of credit can make paying for an ecommerce website much easier.

    Packaging and Shipping

    Almost all ecommerce businesses have significant shipping expenses. Unless you sell digital products, you’ll send purchases to consumers, and that means paying for shipping.

    Of course, the costs of shipping vary widely for ecommerce businesses. They’re influenced by what you sell, what type of shipping you offer, how many orders you fulfill, where you ship from, and more. If you ship internationally, costs could be significantly higher. But there’s no doubt that you’ll pay a lot to ship products to customers.

    Even if you pass shipping costs onto your buyers, you’ll still have to make sure that the shipping company gets the cash it needs to deliver. Early in the life of your business, that can be a problem.

    business line of credit helps you make shipping payments fast. And because you’re getting paid for the product you ship, you should be able to pay it back quickly without incurring much interest.

    And don’t forget that you’ll need something to ship your products in, too. Boxes, packaging paper, bubble wrap, tape, and labels all cost money. Again, you’ll probably recoup those costs from your customer. But you won’t buy boxes one at a time—you might buy a couple thousand to cover shipping for the next several months. And that can be a serious expense.

    Payment and Processing Fees

    Whether you effectively rent space on an ecommerce platform or run your own, you’ll be paying a lot of fees. You might pay a fee to run a Shopify store. Give PayPal a percentage of your transactions. Pay for the privilege of using Stripe to accept credit cards. You’ll need to pay for server space to host your own site. There are others, too, like business bank account fees.

    There’s no end to fees in the business world. And if you don’t budget for them, they can sneak up on you. Short-term business loans and business lines of credit can be a big help when fees take you by surprise.

    Ideally, you’ll have a plan for paying them all right when they come up. But if you don’t, we can help you cover them before you get charged with late fees and multiply.

    Buying and Storing Inventory

    Retail businesses pay for inventory—and ecommerce companies are no exception. Whatever you’re selling, you need to have in stock. That means paying for the raw product that you sell.

    You’ll have to store your inventory, too. That might mean keeping things at your house. Or renting out your own warehouse space. If you use a system like Fulfillment by Amazon, you’ll just have to pay for product.

    But no matter how you store it, you need to pay for it before you can sell it. And that can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

    Even if you do have cash on hand, you might run into situations where you need a business loan for inventory. Maybe a supplier is having a great sale and you want to take advantage to increase your profit margin. Or new tariffs go into place, making your stock more expensive.

    Whatever the case, a business loan can help. It could be a $1,000,000 small business loan, or a $20,000 short-term loan. It could even be a business line of credit for added flexibility. All of these options will help ensure you have the product your customers are looking to buy.

    Want to find out more about the loans we offer or how we can help you run or grow your ecommerce business? Get in touch today to find out more!

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