Fast Business Loans

Fast Business Loans

Running a business today is considerably more difficult than in times of the past as the economy has put unnecessary pressure on many small business owners to meet the financial demands of their daily operations. For many reasons the business economy has become more demanding and fast paced and creditors and suppliers increasingly want their money quicker. This economic pressure has caused many business owners to apply for business loans where the money can be transferred to their accounts immediately. Unfortunately the bank loan process can be long and drawn out and a major reason why Shield Funding has created fast business loans.

Unlike traditional financing, Shield Funding’s fast business loan program was established to get small business owners the money they need shortly after they apply. The typical small business loan application process is generally a few days as long as all of the applicant’s paperwork is in order and they are responsive to any of our inquiries.

How are we able to provide business loans so quickly? Our business loan application process is different from most other small business lenders. We provide funding based on the monthly sales of the business and not the individual applicant. This allows us to be flexible on credit history checks and avoid the unlimited documents connected to establishing an applicant’s history. We focus on the actual business’ recent monthly activity and that can be established with a few months of bank statements. There is very little paperwork involved and the reason why the application process is so quick.

Shield Funding is an innovative leader in the small business lending industry and we understand the time constraints placed on small business owners to meet the financial responsibilities on their business today. We provide fast business loans to help owners capitalize on financial opportunities that only exist because of the owner’s ability to act quickly. If for any reason you need funding quickly give us a call at (888) 882-6117 or apply online with our easy to complete web form.