Gas Station Cash Advance

Gas Station Merchant Cash Advance

Any gas station owner knows that in order to operate your station effectively you require a strong cash flow. As the price of gasoline changes and profit margins tighten you may find yourself in need of short term business loans in order to maintain inventories. Traditional financing options are almost non-existent for gas stations because banks are not willing to provide working capital for hazardous or volatile industries. We offer alternative loans for gas station business owners.

Merchant Cash Advance For Gas Stations

One of our alternative loan options for gas stations is a merchant cash advance also known as a merchant cash advance. We will provide your gas station with a bulk payment up front for a portion of your future credit card receivables. We allow you to pay off the business cash advance by deducting a small amount of each sale electronically as you process a credit card sale. We agree to a business cash advance amount plus a fee for providing you with financing, and that set amount will not change. You only make small payments as you process them so if you experience a slow cycle then your payment amount decreases. You will not have to worry about bulk set payments looming over your business during difficult cycles.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

Our approval process is very flexible because it is based on future operating revenue projections so credit history is only a small factor in getting approved. If you have bad credit or have experienced difficulty receiving financing in the past our business cash advance or other small business loan options are perfect for you. All you need is for your gas station to have been operating for at least 3 months and you are eligible.

How Do I Apply for Business Funding?

We make the process easy for gas station owners to apply for a business cash advance or small business loan easy. All you have to do is complete our very basic online apply form and we will begin the process to determine if you are eligible almost immediately. One of our financing managers will contact you and inform you of the financing available for your gas station and you can be funded shortly after you receive an approval. Our business cash advances and other funding options range up to 500k and you can use the cash however you see fit. Apply today and get your gas station on the right track.

If you have any questions or require immediate assistance please contact our customer service at (888) 882-6117. Thank you for your interest in Shield Funding.