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Shield Funding has been working with landscapers, gardeners, and other outdoor professionals for over a decade. We make sure you have the business funding you need to run or grow your business. Every business is different, and we work with each business owner to find the perfect loan for their needs.

Landscaping is a dream career for many. You get to work outside, create beautiful spaces that people enjoy for years, and run your own business. But it’s also a very hard business to be in.

It takes a lot of physically taxing work. There can be significant costs involved. And seasonal swings mean you’ll often need help covering payroll (or even paying your bills). That’s why we offer business loans to landscaping companies and you can apply online.

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What Do I Need to Qualify?

Below is a list of the requirements to get approved for business funding with our most basic program.

  • At Least 3 Months in Business
  • 530 Min. Credit Score
  • $10,000 Min. Monthly Revenue
  • How Do I Apply?

    Applying has never been easier. You can either call our toll free number 24 hours 7 days a week at


    Submit your online application by clicking apply below and entering a few basic details about your business.

    Types of Business Loan Available

    Small Business Loans

    Term loans for small businesses are straightforward: you get a specific amount of money and pay it back over time. You can use that money for any business expense. It could be to buy a new truck, upgrade your mower, pay your employees, or just cover day-to-day expenses.

    Because these loans are so flexible, they’re great for any business owner. And because we offer loans of up to $1,000,000, you can use one to grow your business in any way you like. Big equipment purchases, hires, and even expansions to new areas are possible with these loans.

    Our term loans start at 5% interest, which is much less than you’d get at a traditional lender. And terms range from 2 to 36 months, letting you choose the loan that’s best for your business. If you’ve been in business for two months and have $8,000 in monthly revenue, you can qualify.

    Unsecured Business Loans​

    You’ve worked hard to build your business. You don’t want to put your assets—or the business itself—on the line when you take out a loan. So we won’t ask you to. A traditional lender will demand that you put up collateral for your loan. But our unsecured loans don’t.

    So if you have a bad season, or something goes terribly wrong with a job, you won’t risk losing what’s most important to you. And with interest rates as low as 9%, you won’t be punished for not wanting to.

    If you’ve been in business for a year and bring in $10,000 of monthly revenue, you can qualify for an unsecured small business loan from Shield Funding.

    Bad Credit Business Loans

    Bad credit happens. We understand. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad business owner or that you’re not good for the money you borrow. So we work with landscapers with bad credit.

    As long as you have a credit rating of 500 or above, we’re happy to work with you on a loan. There’s no way you’d be able to get a bank loan with a 500 credit rating. But because we’re an alternative lender, we have the flexibility to look at more factors in your loan application.

    You can still get up to $1,000,000 with bad credit. And with interest rates starting at 12%, you won’t have to worry about getting gouged.

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Day-to-day expenses can be high for landscapers. You have a lot of supplies to buy, lots lots of equipment that needs maintenance and upkeep, and potentially a large number of employees or sub-contractors to pay.

    While term loans can be used for any purpose, a merchant cash advance might be a better fit for your business. You get a lump sum of cash up front, and a specific percentage of each credit card transaction is sent back to the lender.

    That means less administration for you and an easier repayment schedule. You’ll pay higher interest rates—starting at 24%—but you don’t have to worry about a bad season derailing your repayment. You can get up to $250,000 from Shield to cover your daily expenses.

    Apply Directly to One Source!

    Work with a direct lender and get a business loan as fast as the same day. Shield Funding offers competitive rates and terms on all it’s funding programs. Apply now with a trusted lender that has been helping business owners secure working capital for almost two decades.

    Business Financing Tips For Your Landscaping Business

    Business Vehicle

    Landscaping is one of the few businesses where you almost certainly need a company vehicle. You’ll be visiting vendors, heading to different job sites, transporting tools and equipment, and moving things like soil and trees.

    Even if you already have a pickup truck, you’ll want one specifically for your business—you’ll put a lot of miles on your company vehicle and it will take a lot of wear.

    And vehicles suitable for landscapers are expensive. Even a low-end pickup costs $25,000. It’s more likely that you’ll be looking at $35,000 or more. Buying a used vehicle will save you money, but you’re unlikely to have that much cash on hand.

    Many landscaping companies also customize their trucks to better suit their needs. Custom beds, for example, can help you haul more types of equipment. Those customizations are expensive, too. You might opt for something more affordable, like a truck bed organizer—but that can still be over $1,000.

    Some landscapers also add trailers to their pickups for even more carrying capacity. Depending on the type, size, and quality of trailer, you could be adding a significant cost to your vehicle.

    You can get an auto loan for a work vehicle. But that comes with additional issues, like whether your business has any credit or if you want to lease it to yourself as an individual. An equipment loan or another type of business loan simplifies things.

    Tools and Equipment

    There are many different types of landscapers, and the specific kind of work you’re doing will change the equipment you need. If you’re handling big jobs, you may have some expensive purchases to make.

    Mowers, chainsaws, pruners, augers, and other power tools can bring your cost into the tens of thousands of dollars. Even a basic riding mower can cost over $1,500. And that’s before you start looking at industrial models or extra features that will help you get your job done better and faster.

    That’s not to mention the hand tools you’ll need; shovels, hoes, weeders, knives, trowels, and so on. None of those tools are particularly expensive. But if you need to replace a lot of them or you’re expanding your crew to include more people, the costs add up.

    Expanding your business, in most cases, will involve purchasing more tools and equipment. And unless you have the cash on hand to buy them outright, any one of our private business loans is the way to go.

    Landscaping Supplies

    Your customers will be covering the cost of supplies—but if you can’t afford them up front, especially on big projects, you could be put under a heavy financial strain. A short-term business loan can help you get all the supplies you need for a big project.

    Sod, mulch, soil, compost, gravel, stone, and masonry all contribute to the cost of a landscaping project. Because there’s no such thing as an “average” landscaping project, the cost for these supplies varies greatly.

    But if you need to make a big purchase, you might be better off getting a short-term loan than putting all of it on your credit card. If you can pay off the loan quickly after you get paid by the customer, you won’t have to pay much interest.

    You might also want to take advantage of a big sale on landscaping supplies, in which case you’ll need the money to make a large purchase. Again, you’ll make all of that money back—and probably more, in this case—but you need the resources to take advantage of it up front.

    Employees and Subcontractors

    When you get your start as a landscaper, you’ll probably work by yourself on small jobs. But when you expand your business, you’ll bring on more employees. And before they can help you start bringing in more money, they’ll need to be paid.

    You’ll have a bit more flexibility with sub-contractors. But they still need to get paychecks regularly, which means you might have to pay before them you get paid by your customer.

    Both of these situations can put you in a tough spot when you’re growing your business. Taking out a loan to kickstart the process—or cover you if you have difficulty making payroll for a month—makes your life a lot easier.

    Not sure which loan is best for you? Want to get more information on a particular product? Or just want to chat about how we can help you run or expand your landscaping business? Get in touch today!

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