Small Business Financing Infographics

A Visual Approach to Learning About
Small Business Loans & Business Financing

Small Business Loans Infographics Library

Infographics are a great resource for getting quick and easy access to a lot of information on a particular topic. We have created some infographics that explore small business loans and a variety of topics related to business financing. We will continue to add to this library so that our clients and readers have an abundance of information regarding business financing so that they can continue to become better educated borrowers.

Understanding Bad Credit

All About Bad Credit

Poor credit can have an impact on your ability to get business funding. This infographic explores the effects bad credit can have on your business loan application.

Working Capital Loan Uses

Utilizing Working Capital

Learn about the different ways the small business owners are utilizing working capital loans to generate more sales and revenue and help their companies succeed.

Small Business Financial Trade Gap

Trade & Small Business

World trade affects small businesses in many ways. This infographic discusses the financial pressures on small business finances as a result of trade gaps.

Female Business Loans Info

Women & Business Loans

Check out this infographic that demonstrates how Shield Funding can assist women owned businesses acquire small business loans for women.

Why Business Loans Matter

Why Small Business Loans

Read actual facts and statistics that show business owners why it is important that they acquire some type of small business loans.